Unexpected friends.

There’s this lady i started working with around 5yrs ago. Sometimes we business pple are usually frustrated mpaka we decide not to work with anyone. She’s married, around 20yrs older than I am. Her first born son is in campus. But venye tumesaidiana these few years I have nothing but the utmost respect for her.

Kumbe in this damned world kuna watu wazuri and they come in all shapes and sizes. I have family members and friends all doing well, but Kama kuna mtu naweza kopa 500k nitumiwe kesho morning, my first option is the said “MUM”.

Sijui Kama its coz I’m like a son to her, ama coz some few years back she almost lost a lot of money nikamsaidia but kuna watu wazuri hii dunia and you might never know ni nani. This world is full of surprises.

mbisha ya huyo lady ama pia agreement ya kukopeshwa 500k

Hii stori si complete bila the slices part. Threshold ulifikisha?

Have never thought of kitu Kama slices na wouldn’t think so because of the respect between both of us. Mbisha sahau.

Any unexpected person can be a friend.

Ok, but …

Moral of the story: Kila mwanaume atafute mwanamke anayemzidi kwa miaka ishirini (20).

Hehehehe “but” ni ya nini?

Kuna real friends Masai. And it doesn’t have to be eti same sex friend, no.

Urafiki hauna miaka… Hehehe, as long as si gay sigwes.

maasai, wewe si ndio ulikuwa na hekaya vile una-con watu?

Nimeland wadau.

True… Some time back, 2009 tried planting wheat in Narok. Kumbe the shamba was in a swamp. 30 Acres I only got 70 bags, so the surprising thing is a Maasai I don’t even know well, seeing the loss I had incurred, offered I sell the wheat in his farm nimletee pesa coz he knew I was in the produce business. His wheat produce gave me a clean 1.5M in 2 months na hatujuani then. So trust me watu wazuri wako n I always strive to be so too.

Sio Mimi pris

I have a similar relationship with a distant aunt yet shes older by 10yrs. 7yrs ago I introduced her to her biggest client and from then we became very close, we consult each other on almost everything.

Maintain that relationship and nurture it too…you might never know…labla itakupeleka mbali. All the best in all that you do.

myopic thinking. Kumbe kuna watu wana akili ndogo hivi.

Useless post


Kudos…yaani 2009 ulikuwa na 1.5m, hehhee…lanes lanes…nilikuwa napambana na matrices,fuller series