Unethical Marketing/Impunity

One of the things that really bugs me about his country is the weakness of oversight bodies which are meant to enforce consumers rights.

Bodies like the Competition Authority, CA, ICT Authority, KeBS, Nema, NCA, etc.

Today, because the media too has gone rogue, individual Kenyans are left at the mercy of corrupt corporates.

So, medicated soap companies lie to you about their products on TV. Billboard companies continue to chop down the Gakuo trees and shrubbery in the city to replace them with ugly advertisements. Noise everywhere. Buildings collapse. Fake investment schemes all over. Etc etc ad nauseum.

The latest scam is where Radio Africa has sold millions of decoders to poor Kenyans, promising that they will receive tens of channels free for the rest of their lives.

Now, I am seeing on my digital TV, which receives the Bamba signal, that those who bought the decoders HAVE TO REGISTER THEM OR GET SWITCHED OFF. I don’t know whether I am wrong or what, but if I buy an iron box from you why do I have to come back and register it with you?

Is this a preamble to making Bamba buyers to pay a subscription fee, and if this is so, isn’t that unethical marketing amounting to ‘entrapment’?

And why should we continue to tolerate the Communications Authority when this nonsense can happen under its watch? The same CA that does zilch as Safaricon continues to @Web Dev us…



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Hiyo CA Ni bure kabisa

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If it ain’t wagging it’s tail, then, the problem is in the head.
So, Guka, concentrate on the head, and the tail will wag just fine.

Next time Mzee kipara, get yourself a room.



Buy cheap, die cheap. Why did you believe the myth of ‘free forever’ for 20 cents a month?

Tell me of one channel worth watching on bamba platform

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^^^Al Jazeera, DW, RT. That’s THREE!


All you ever do is whine about everything. You must be a sad and bitter old man.


Very correct and I think those are aging problems.


cheap is expensive. I know it will take you time to wrap your head around that, but I can’t wait for your next rant about the same. Last one was approx.ly three months ago.

No. I think it is just his personality. Even in Klist alikuwa anacomplain almost every other week to the admin on some very trivial issues

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Take that back @spax !! I’m not too far behind Guka in years but there’s no way I approach him in grumpiness (and stinginess)…

Saa zingine the best way to fight these media monopoloists is to move on. In August, I ordered Zuku i60 based on an attractive offer. Technicians installed i30 and the helpdesk couldn’t explain or did not want to. I used it for a month (perfect delivery, I must say), then the assholes called and told me that I had a ‘balance’ of 4999. Still no explanation why they’d installed lower specs. They switched me on for 12 days on i15(??) but they’d said it would be i60.

After it ran out, mails, phone calls, texts prompting me to subscribe, which I ignore. I have a fiber connection, modem and router (12,000 bob value), but I will use them on my terms and when I want!

Guka should learn to stop flailing wildly at 1000 institutions, and instead stand firm on single battles that he can win.

Those channels are available fta with a small sat dish

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Hahaha…irony right there. You are always complaining about babuon so that makes the two of you.


take that back. a man (albeit old) who can maintain a MsiM cannot be all that stingy…


I said: fight winnable battles. 2.5 decades and counting, we have floored JaKuon online.:D:D:D


Lakini Guka also complains about the exertions that his Mkambodia puts him through.

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:D:D:D…wapi makofi ya kilo. You deserve a medal for the commendable work.


the exertions are part of the deal…a little stress makes it all exciting…


I am not as old and bitter than Babuon, your TINgOD.

And you @Ruffneck, who said I have Bamba?

This is the problem with IQ-deficient people. Instead of addressing the issue at hand they make a perfectly legitimate issue an ad hominem.

And I am not even sure most of you know what that is…

PS: @admin and mods, please ask this bitch @spax/@ladyp anikome. Otherwise if I respond in kind with endless matusis don’t say I am over-reacting. Hii kunifatafata kama nzii is downright stupid. I don’t play in that league pris pris. For the time being nitam-ignore.

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