Unemployment, Education and Kenyans growth/investment

What is your highest level of education?

I’ve learn that Kenyans like to blame our education system for the high number of un-employment. I was trying to get the total number of Kenyans who hold degree.

Out of 54,985,698 less than 1,000,000 holds degree, that’s less than 2% of our countries population.

What I’ve learn is most of the educated peoples live far better life that the “watu wa biashara”.

Most of our politicians will shout and crusade how degrees are useless and how we need to invest more in trade/craftment certificate but end up taking their kids abroad to study the same degree.

Africans need to increase the number of educated people for us to grow.

For example you’ll find a person with acres of fertile land using it for useless shit like grazing and such, rather than using it for agriculture.

The watu wa biashara will save a million, buy useless ‘buroti maguta maguta’ rather than investing the money in startups or atleast invest in machinery for productions and all.

A talker here atanunua gari ya kukaanga kwa parking 80% of the time.

We import all things, hadi ngotha>>???

We need education more than ever.

This is a wrong way to use statistics. It cant be 1 m out of 54,985,698 that is 2%. Don’t place people aged 0-22 in your count because they are not eligible to have a degree. That immediately reduces population count to less than 25m.

Thats about 5%?

In Germany and Japan there is an education system where you go under a master craftsman for a few years right after high school
In Japan it can be right after middle school as long as you can read and right.

Its a state approved apprenticeship that guarantees you a job, Japan’s famed animation and Manga industry features professionals
with this type of background.

Kenya’s Kyeop for the youth is based on this model because formal jobs can’t be generated as fast as universities are churning out

Japan’s employment rate is 98% of its working population
Kenya an agricultural economy should focus on technical training instead of degrees

Technical courses, innovation and entrepreneurship should be the focus. The degrees in Kenya have a theoretical outlook leading to paralysis with a focus on employment. Craftsmanship education with a system of proceeding to higher education for those interested should be the focus. I am not sure if this is the intention of the competency based curriculum (CBC) that is currently being deployed.

Kwani grazing si agriculture!!? For your information, a considerably well managed kichaka with 500 mbuzis is already worth KES 2m on stock alone (assuming the average cost of a mbuzi is KES 4000). Considering how fast mbuzis reproduce, and considering that there’s always a ready market for mbuzis, I would dare say that the “useless shit” you alluded to is quite on-point!! Na bado huja factor-in other by-products like manure, hides and milk. Ignorance is bliss!

How much acres of land do you need to rare that many mbuzis?

How much would it take to invest with the mbuzis. If its such a good investment, why are they living in such bad conditions? They are always hit by hunger before everyone else.

I’d invest in better ways than mbuziis

you are very ignorant. Hakuna sector ya uchumi kenya ina returns mingi kuliko ufugaji.

If so, why are pastoralists so poor, why are they always the first to get ‘hunger striken’.

What am saying, they should embrace modern agricultural practices.

Is it Pastoralism or horticulture that returns most?

What if they used those big land for something more productive and sustainable?

Who said they are poor? A debt free person with over 100 cows is poor?
They are hunger striken because of bad cultural practices, they don’t sell when they should. Just the same as a person with 1000 crates of tomatoes from his own greenhouses but who won’t sell, zikae ziharibikie hapo. Ni yeye amekosa kuuza, sio eti io biashara haina pesa.
Enda Soko ya Emali upate watu wa Uhuru wakinunua ngombe zimekonda zipelekwe Tsavo