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This Manlike Booby Woman Will Cuddle You to sleep For A Fee… :D:D:D

A woman on social media has told people that she is a professional cuddler and her video has gone viral arousing curiosity among social media users…She said she gives people snuggles for a fee of KSh 7,000. The lady in the video by @Lord_4D explains that she charges a fee to hold a person. In the video, she explains that she always keeps it professional if someone expects more.
A few people expressed disbelief that professional cuddling was a thing, considering the high gender-based violence rates.

Others loved the idea and argued that cuddling was a healing experience.

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[I]She always keeps it professional if someone expects more… and that’s where I draw the line_______ https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/t34/1/16/1f914.png[/I]

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I will be cuddling ladies for a fee of Kshs. 2000/=. Maximum time ni 2hrs, usipolala uamke uende zako.

Meanwhile…Pesa sabuni ya roho. :D:D:D:D

“I decided to love people but they broke my heart,” popular crossdresser Kelvin Kinuthia has revealed.
"Since then, I decided to love money and I love how it’s always there for me,’ Kinuthia wrote.

@uwesmake anataka kupaka watu meffi

Kama ni kucuddle afadhali mali ya @rexxsimba it’s like multiple pillows

This is nothing new. Shit been going on in Japan for a minute now. Na yao ni legit cuddling si hii yetu utaanza kuitisha extras a minute in

This idea ametoa from Ile series ya Billions

It is a rather interesting concept …
Cuddles Bila S*ex …:D:D