Unemployed for years, he had a 2nd secret family

Well, hell, this is what you get frm brokeass men, right on the money, you kill yourself to support his brokeass and all the while you are working he uses your car to meet Suzy and even start a family with her. I just dunno when women will wake up to these fact. The beginning of all evil is harboring a man in your house and paying all the bills for him. Tulisema the only free thing a woman is allowed to give a man for free is poison. Oneni sasa with this your wifely generosity. The man decides he is not a prize enough to look for a job and provide for his family but he’s a prize enough to start another secret family across town. What is wrong with women?


Try it on an Afrifreakin woman


Wee Kapoti hio poison unataka kutupatia kama men wewe ndio utapewa in heavens name Amen

Huyu malaya ni kaa ni sura mbaya sana, that’s why hapendwi na wanaume.