Undisclosed East African country buys 1M rifles from Poland, Close sources reveal


Jambasi sugu kutoka…

Rifles ni vitu za kununu inje sasa?

… Sukoi

Ata rao anunue bunduki awes toboa.

Hii forum wakale wanajianika jamani

Going by your logic you are Luo.

you are a kalenjin fool born with a looting gene

mbaruyha fake huna akili.

Could the chambass be using Uganda as a conduit? If he had been meeting m7 they might have schemed to bring them in disguised as UG military equipment.
Hii kiti ameamua ni lazima akalie. This brings back eerie memories of 07 when Nakumatt raised the alarm on bulk purchases of pangas to the point of stocks running out just a few months to the election.

Jambazi sugu ya sugoi will not go down without a fight

Should be filled as, ‘TERROR ALERT!’