Understanding Somalia and Somaliland


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[li]Somalis are descendants of Oman Arabs[/li][li]The war in somalia is fanned by its neighbours fearing a peaceful somalia would emerge a giant just like its brothers in Egypt, Morrocco and Tunisia[/li][li]Somalis are enterprising and hardworkers[/li][li]Turkey is currently playing a key role in pacifying and developing its brothers[/li][li]We want a unified somalia[/li][/ol]

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The Arabs hate Somalis as much as they hate the Christian Bantus. That is very telling.
Explain this, why is Somaliland peaceful and tourist friendly while Somali is scary place to live even for Somalis themselves?
Nobody else but hawkish Somalis are keeping Somali divided to the point Somaliland wants nothing to do with Somali.



  1. Vichekesho

  2. You have more in common with Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen and Kenya than with Tunisia and Morocco.

  3. Somalis are enterprising and hardworkers

  4. Turkey is taking advantage of the Somalia dysfunction in its strategic positioning against Saudi Arabia and Iran. Also gets plenty of PR. Somalia is desperate enough they’ll take whatever comes out this.

  5. Kenya and Ethiopia hawataki kusikia hii kabisa. NEP and Ogaden will never be a part of Somalia, not in our lifetimes anyways.

Omani Arabs are bantu black to this day.


somalia,Soomaaliya or Jumhūrīyat aṣ-Ṣūmāl al-Fidirālīyah was,is and will always be a failed state,with the various warring armed factions still reeling in the middle ages of past kingdom,empires,and sultanates and now, thanks to clan-based opposition groups with consequence to the collapse of governmental authority ,accompanied by past civil war.
The hat trick Transitional National Government would have saved the day[SIZE=1] thanks international community for its failure to support the government,[/SIZE][SIZE=4]but with the pirates fwaking things up,who would? and just when the lights were turned down low for a smooth ride,in comes the[/SIZE] Islamic Courts Union which also couldn’t support itself ,splintered into several different factions offshooting some serious matapakas of the more radical elements and insurgents including Al-Shabaab, which occasionally regroups to continue their insurgency against the transitional national government stirring the country’s bazzillion-year conflict.
somalia has been fwacked by the british,italians,ottomans,germans and ethiopians,now its arimis time,to fwack itself ,and its doing a pretty good damn job and all we can do is watch like some xhamster sesh