Underground Water Tanks: What Do You Guys Think...Anyone Has This?

[SIZE=7]Benefits of Underground Water Tanks Making Them Popular[/SIZE]
[li]By ANZUGIRA PEREZ on 29 January 2023 - 3:11 pm[/li]
An image showcasing how underground water tanks appear
Most Kenyan homeowners the importance of effective water supply and storage as essential factors in buying a home or running a household.

Investment in a proper water storage method plays a vital role in determining the efficiency of a home.

With today’s uncertain weather patterns water harvesting and conservation are critical with many people opting for different types of storage options.

There is, however, an emerging trend in which most people are preferring underground tanks for their water storage.

An image of an underground water tank under construction

An underground tank is one that is built below ground level. The tanks can be constructed using cement or a plastic tank can be used.

Kenyans.co.ke sought to understand why underground water conservation is increasingly becoming preferred to above-the-ground water storage.

An underground tank is advantageous as it saves on space and provides opportunities for proper landscaping, unlike the overground tank. For example, it can be built under a parking spot.

Secondly, it does not interfere with the exterior decor of the home or business premises. Although there may be visible pipes from the tank, they do not impose on the design.

Further, underground tanks maintain stable temperatures all year round regardless of the season.

Water in overground tanks can reach high temperatures, especially on hot days encouraging faster growth of bacteria.

A very crucial advantage of underground tanks is that they are best for areas with low water pressure.

With constant water supply problems in Kenya underground tanks is the solution as water is collected easily even when the pressure is not high.

Equally, underground storage tanks don’t just guarantee a steady water supply for users; they can also be used to set up more efficient and environmentally friendly water collection systems, such as rainwater harvesting.

For commercial and residential customers looking for a solution that minimises human impact on the environment, an underground water collection tank is a good option.

Users can install multiple tanks in place within a single treatment and collection system, with the option to integrate each tank with a wider network of water treatment, filtration, and distribution systems to suit a range of applications.

Additionally, underground water tanks are highly versatile and well-suited to different settings. For example, they are commonly used in agricultural premises that need a reliable source of water for irrigation purposes.

In this case, tubes can be connected to bring water from the tank up to the surface to be irrigated.

Appropriate water storage tank choices must consider many factors, including the size required and where the tank must be set up.

My old man has 100k litre concrete one pale nakuru and around 150k pale kitale…Best investment ever

Wow. Nice. Never knew such a thing existed.

Ziko tena sana leafy suburbs tena unapata boma ina multiple… ni vile o.p amesema chini ya parking lot.

That’s an expensive and archaic way of doing it though. Dig a hole, (1m by 1m by 1m is 1000l). Then buy a 1mm damliner from a reputable company. Use the 1mm damliner as lid too. That will be half if not quarter price of similar concrete or plastic product. Bonus: damliner will never crack or be shaken even by tremors. Thank me later.

Hii KAZI tafuta mafundi wa water tank or else itakuwa premium tears.

Zile claycity apartments pale githurai za wazee wa clayworks zilifanywa hivi

Very economical.Tank services two block apartments

I have one 60k ltrs shaggz,great investment.


Shida is sewage leaking into the concrete underground water tanks coz it’s difficult to make them 100% water proof.

Wacha kufikiria shode 24/7 , shenzi , sewage unaweka Bali Sana tank ya Maji. Shenzi

I have a 10,000 liters concrete underground water tank hapa kanairo. Mine is cylindrical. No regrets 4 years later.

which has more pressure? the water in the tank or the sewage water?

How much did the 100 k litre one cost?

I think it was 300k…but remember mawe na Labour ni rahisi nakuru