Underground Water Tank

To homeowners in the village with water storage experience: I would like to construct an underground water tank for storing harvested rain water. My idea is to buy a 10K litre plastic water tank and burry it underground and place concrete slab lid o top. What are the best and reliable plastic water tanks brands available locally. My pigsty is located in Kilifi mashambani. Any ideas or suggestions will be highly appreciated, I am not sure if my idea is a good idea in the first place.

You don’t do with any tank. There are round tanks for the purpose (round makes it able to handle the external pressure). But why sweat all that for a mere 10,000L only na huko mvua ni once per year? Chimba na ukoroge kitu ya 30,000L.

why bury when it is not so big

You are right, even with all the flooding happening all over the country, the coastal strip is still as dry as a bone. 1st, kuchimba and kukoroga is far costlier than I would have thought, 2nd underground concrete tanks are prone to leakages and contamination and difficult to fix, 3rd I am working with very limited space and dislike raised water tower platforms.

I would like to bury the water tank underground…that way I can utilize the space above ground for any other purposes. Space is limited at my place.

Would you sacrifice costs for aesthetics?You will need to pump up the water to serve the house au?

I have a small 2k litre storage already installed in the attic that can be automatically refilled as need needed. The plan is to include a small submersible pump with a pressure valve inside the underground tank that will be activated at low pressure (when a tap is turned on). We may not have much rainfall down at the coast but we have plenty of sunshine. I will use a solar pump to pump up water for domestic use. This is a cost analysis benefit acceptable to me in this regard.

What mechanism will you use to pump water from underground storage to the top of the house? Solar, electricity?
Talk to experts on the ground. Different places have different proposals and designs… Underground in kilifi cannot work with underground in nyeri… talk to experts though…

Look at response to @TuTu . The experts on the ground could be right here. I am not sure why it cannot work in Kilifi. Everyone seems to side-step from my initial question: What is best brand of large size plastic portable water storage tanks?

First, bravo on thinking this way. You’re taking steps to personal freedom. I think the benefit of convenience will eventually outweigh costs of digging and cementing. You’d need this in Kilifi. Not an expert, but I’ve used Roto tank for years above ground, and it’s been fine. As for the pressure valve, it’s great, but adding a manual switch to it is a good idea to save energy when you don’t need it to kick in. Solar is king, you can also use the reserve energy for lighting or TV. When you want it on you simply leave it ON. You can have the switch placed on a building wall (even inside, so you can have easier control). But just a useless idea, since it’s a crucial project, suppose you doubled the capacity to 20k ltrs? Afterall, it’ll all be hidden underground.

There is a company that makes tanks somewhere in Mtwapa, which happens to be in Kilifi, I don’t remember it’s name though and they will deliver to your doorstep, if you are within a certain area. They have really good quality tanks.

under ground tanks ni tricky, one you must hav a good professional and the second challange is the contionous under ground water siepage due to cracks… though they are quite cute. my two cents is go for the normal tanks it will save you alot

Just Google ‘underground water tanks Kenya’

You you have good suggestions. I am finding out that solar water pumps are not too difficult to find. In the long run, I am planning to have my main energy source to be solar. KPLC will just be a backup. One thing though, I am not sure if they have 20K litre water tanks available? I will check out Roto.

Sidhani utapata more than 10kL, but nothing is impossible.
Ama uhame huko bana…it’s another option

@Trojanex Kilifi sihami!

Plastic underground tanks are available in the market, try mamba or Roto. They have specific type of underground tanks. You have to place it under professional guidance coz it can burst due to soil pressure. The upside is that it’s quick to install but downside is that it has limited capacity. I think 10,000 litres or so.
The other underground tank is the Reinforced concrete type. This is the best coz it is not limited to capacity. You can do even 200,000 litres if you so wish, downside is the cost & construction time. NB: The walls have to be concrete, if you do masonry it will have seepages due to cracks.
My 2 pesos input:
Underground tanks are good for storing rainwater but if the rainfall recharge is too low, then the water overstays in the tank and contamination becomes a risk.
Kilifi is dry with low annual rainfall. What if you do a shallow Well, they are cheap to dig over there. (100k -150k approx) then you do a submersible pump with a float switch.
Cost difference of shallow well & underground tank is not that big.
*That’s how I did mine in my Tezo farm hapo Kilifi tu.

Thanks. Not sure if Roto have, but I remember seeing a tank that size kitambo, I don’t know what brand it was. Alternatively, depending on your space and needs, you could use two tanks side by side, one small and one big, joined by a pipe, with the smaller tank at a lower level to act as reserve to keep the pump submerged at low water, since that’s where your pump will go. (The submersible pump is like a submarine, it must always work while submerged, so you must provide water for that, hata kama huna a drop in the house)

The underground design water tanks available are usually of smaller capacities for my needs. 10K litres should be moderately sufficient for my needs. I will make sure the hole is prepared like a cradle, reinforced, leveled with tolerances on the vertical walls. I hope this will reduce side forces that could cause the tank to fail underground. A handful of people have shallow wells around the neighbourhood but the water they get is brackish, almost useless for any use. I am starting to dig up the hole…as I shop for the tank. Thanks for your suggestions.

Roto tank are very good ,I have several of them in my homes and they serve me very well.