Underground water ‘swallows’ crops and houses in Trans Nzoia

Over 50 households in Botwa village in Trans Nzoia County are a worried lot as water seeping from underground threatens to dip

The residents told KNA that the underground water has destroyed property worth thousands of shillings.


Trans Nzoia East Deputy County Commissioner Abed Mwalwa, however, said that those affected are illegally sitting on riparian land.

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When people used to say they wish the earth could open up and swallow them, mother earth was very keen. Anyway hapa itabidi wajipange hata serikali haina option

high water table manenos ama ?

Mother nature strikes in sad ways at times!

The locals built on top of the neglected water pans, risking their lives.

Ancient lake is waking up there used to be a lake there millions of years ago

That pic doesn’t reveal anything. Just puddles of water and nothing else

Wahame. But there are engineering solutions to such things, after all some people live in lagoons in Bangladesh and Lagos

There is a story by Anne Soi AL Jazeera Kenyan based journalist focusing on the rise of the lake waters in Baring. Whole lodges which used to be full this time of the year have totally been submerged.