Under Joe's watch. Death death death.








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Choo Pitten was a bad mistake. Americans will regret for voting out patriot Uncle Trump.

Shugulika na kenya who cares what happen s in america all were whites

Old monk huoni hao Latinos wote kwa hio list?

[SIZE=6]‘He would’ve been the best dad’: Heartbroken widow of Marine, 20, killed in ISIS-K suicide blast pays tribute to her ‘hero best friend’ three weeks before the birth of their first child[/SIZE]
By Adriana Diaz For Dailymail.Com19:43 28 Aug 2021, updated 20:45 28 Aug 2021



[li]Marine Rylee McCollum, 20, was one of the 13 service members killed in the ISIS-K suicide bomb attack at the Kabul airport on Thursday[/li][li]His pregnant wife, Jiennah Gigi Crayton, 20, is expecting the young couple’s first child in September[/li][li]The young couple met in San Diego while McCollum was in training and married in February of this year [/li][li]The 20-year-old Marine had only been in Afghanistan a few weeks and was expected home in October[/li][li]Family and friends say that McCollum had always wanted to join the Marines and enlisted on his 18th birthday leaving his home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming[/li][li]Crayton said in a Facebook post that she ‘lost her best friend’ and ‘he would’ve been the best dad’ [/li][/ul]
The young widow of one of the 13 US troops killed in an ISIS-K suicide blast in Afghanistan has paid tribute to her ‘best friend’ just three weeks before the birth of their first child.
Marine Rylee McCollum, 20, was killed in the suicide bomb attack in Kabul on Thursday. He had been in Afghanistan only a few weeks and was expected home in October.

His pregnant wife, Jiennah Crayton, who goes by Gigi, is expecting their first child next month.

She wrote on Facebook on Friday: 'I lost my best friend. And nothing will ever make that hurt less. He would’ve been the best dad.

'I wish he could see how much of an impact he made on this world. I’m so proud to call him my husband.

‘Much love to the other families affected by this. They are all heroes forever.’

https://i-dailymail-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/ii/AW/s/i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2021/08/28/19/47210677-9935743-Rylee_McCollum_left_with_his_wife_Jiennah_Gigi_Crayton_right_-a-79_1630175008555.jpgRylee McCollum (left) with his wife Jiennah Gigi Crayton (right). She shared this photo of them together in April before he was deployedhttps://i-dailymail-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/ii/AW/s/i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2021/08/28/17/47210683-9935743-image-a-27_1630167084455.jpgThe young marine had been deployed to Afghanistan a few weeks prior to the attacks and was expected home in Octoberhttps://i-dailymail-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/ii/AW/s/i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2021/08/28/17/47210673-9935743-image-a-29_1630167120696.jpgMcCollum had recently tied the knot with Gigi when they eloped in Las Vegas in Februaryhttps://i-dailymail-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/ii/AW/s/i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2021/08/28/20/47210711-9935743-Gigi_is_expecting_the_couple_s_first_child_next_month_she_is_cru-a-67_1630179752521.jpgGigi is expecting the couple’s first child next month, she is ‘crushed’ by the news of her husband’s recent deathhttps://i-dailymail-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/ii/AW/s/i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2021/08/28/18/47213709-9935743-image-a-30_1630173341951.jpgThe young widow is due to give birth in three weeks, now left to raise her child without her husband (Pictured: Gigi’s sonogram photo shared on Facebook May 18)https://i-dailymail-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/ii/AW/s/i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2021/08/28/20/47214655-9935743-image-a-68_1630179752554.jpg
McCollum, who was sent to Afghanistan as evacuations started, is believed to have been killed while manning an airport checkpoint at the time of the suicide bombing.

The ISIS-K suicide bomber killed 183 people at Kabul airport.

McCollum, who graduated from Jackson Hole High School in Wyoming in 2019 before joining the US Marine Corps, had married Gigi in February of this year when the couple eloped in Vegas.

His mother-in-law, Jill Miller Crayton, said her 20-year-old daughter is ‘crushed’ after learning the heartbreaking news.

Crayton, who lives across the country from her daughter, is rushing to be by her side. She told The Sun: 'She’s having his baby next month, my first grandbaby.



Marine Corps Sgt. Nicole Gee, 23, stands while holding a baby outside Kabul’s airport. (Department of Defense)
[SIZE=5]Nicole Gee[/SIZE]
23, of Roseville, Calif. — On the evening of Aug. 20, the Department of Defense posted several photos to Twitter of U.S. service members taking care of infants amid the chaotic evacuation from Kabul.
One of the photos featured a young Marine in uniform as she held a baby carefully in her arms. Her long hair was pulled back in a bun and rifles sat on either side of her. But her face was gentle as she looked down at the small child. The service member was Sgt. Nicole Gee, who less than one week later would die in the terrorist attack outside the airport.
Gee’s social media accounts showed a dedicated Marine and a loving friend. In February, she posted a tribute to her husband on his promotion to sergeant, big smiles showing through their masks “before being stuck in predeployment quarantine.”
In June came a photo of her riding a camel in Saudi Arabia while in uniform. She smiled ear to ear. Then on Aug. 2, she posted a photo from Kuwait marking her promotion to sergeant. Gee’s last post on Instagram before her death was a photo of her helping evacuees load onto an airplane at Hamid Karzai International Airport. In her second-to-last post, also in uniform, she reposted the DOD photo from Twitter. The caption: “I love my job.”
Gee’s father, Richard Herrera, remembered her as “a very determined kid,” someone who excelled in school and was remarkably self-guided. She always had straight A’s, he recalled, “except for maybe one time in her life when she got a B.”
Gee joined the Marines in 2017 and had originally set out to become an air traffic controller, Herrera said, but a heartbeat irregularity had prevented her from following that path. Instead she became a maintenance technician. She was promoted to sergeant last month, and seemed to love her work, Herrera said, recalling photos she sent him from all over the world.
A few days before she died, she texted him from Afghanistan. She had just been in Kuwait and he was unsure why she was helping women and children seeking to evacuate the country since she was a technician. He had “never expected her to be on the front lines in Afghanistan,” he said. “She said she was having the experience of her life. And I told her I was proud of her.”
“She was a perfect child. She never got in trouble. She always went down the right road. She never got distracted,” he said, struggling to catch his breath. “I’m sorry. It’s hard. ”

Butty kindly remind us who started that forever war in Afghanistan?

In the end US military complex, banks and politicians keep on winning. Sasa vile isis k imetokea they are celebrating vile watanukisha kitunguu.

Qassem Soleimani also known as THE SHADOW COMMANDER. The most dangerous Arab in modern history :


A former C.I.A. officer calls Suleimani, the head of Iran’s Quds Force, the “most powerful operative in the Middle East today.”Illustration by Krzysztof Domaradzki

He was the puppeteer behind Osama bin Laden. He was the 2nd most powerful person in Iran and future Rais. He used to play 7D chess while others were busy playing 2D chess and chasing their tails.

:D:D:D ndio nasemanga ile corruption iko US inacheza god-mode. Taxpayer hapumui. I saw a video which analysed what $2 trillion could have done for US. It could have replaced all their highways with high-speed trains. Eliminated homelessness. Improved health care massively. Lakini waliamua bombing ghosts in the mountains of Afghanistan is more important. Terrorists kill a couple of Americans per year, heart disease kills hundreds of thousands yet budget ya fighting those 2 things do not even compare.

George Dubbya started it but he was a conservative Republican and @patco would rather cut out its own tongue than say a single bad thing about them.

And above Qassem Soleimani’s pay grade, today we can confirm that all these shenanigans were controlled from Beijing.

It was about the One Belt One Road initiative. China controlling the oil in the Middle East and kicking the Americans out.

China was very alarmed when Trump took out Qassem Soleimani. Why?

Today China is the top consumer of Iraqi and Iranian oil. It all fits perfectly with OBOR.

Tunaangalia the top crust. Tunaangalia hii maneno yote from a very high elevation.

We have seen Taliban shaking hands with China. These people have known each other for decades. China supported Taliban in the 1980s against the USSR in Afghanistan.

The year China shook hands with the U.S was the same year the USSR invaded Afghanistan, first to defend her border against any Sino-American threat but most importantly the USSR was blocking One Belt One Road!!

Petco, $2 trillion has been spent by America in Afghanistan. What do they have to show for it? NOTHING. Let that sink in. Stop blaming China and open your eyes, America’s enemies are within, not outside. Those banks and military corporations that profit from America’s wars are 1000× worse than bogeyman China.

The bombings seems like it had support from America ndio wapate sababu ya vita. Just like 9/11 provided a reason to attack.

US has been in Afghanistan for so long and we didn’t hear of such a big toll in one incident.

Why did it happen now?

USA hunibambanga banae…
yaani walilipuwa WTC waka cash insuarence na wakapeleka hio steel yote china iende kuunda aircraft carrier???:D:D:D:D

hawa wasee ni wanoma banae

afghanistan 2 dub edition remix ndio inataka kuanza

Who told you that America paid for that war?

China could hire America to do it!!

China and U.S have been in this thing since 1979. And Iran is part of it.

Wachana na George Bush. He was just continuing with the script. Obama has also played his role pacifying vichwa ngumus e.g Ghaddafi.

And anyone who thinks that Joe Biden is an idiot needs to get his head checked out. Joe Biden is initiating the final step of ONE BELT ONE ROAD.

The question is will the U.S truly accept to be a second super power?

If OBOR is implemented China will be the richest country in history. Russia is more or less done.

China will be the economic wing, the U.S will be the defence wing.

It will be one of the biggest empires crossing across the Middle East to Europe to AFRICA to the Americas.

Trump was trying to stop a monster.

$2 trillion is peanuts compared to what One Belt One Road is worth.

One Belt One Road is worth quadrillions of dollars. Gazillions of dollars. A market linking whole continents.

The dream China has is simply mind boggling.

How many young men have Americans killed in middo east? Or they aren’t humans ? 10 is negligible compared to massacres orchestrated by Americans .they destroyed Somalia Libya and many middle East countries.
But buttricia is worried about how homosexual pals are kicking the bucket like nansense.

Mutisya ulipewa aje hio label ya THE VILLAGER. Kumbe wewe… :smiley: