Undeniable Proof Man Has Never Gone to The Moon


[SIZE=7]Undeniable Proof Man Has Never Gone to The Moon[/SIZE]


Don’t waste your time watching documentaries.
Here are behind the scenes of the “journey to the moon.”

Even at the height of cold war, USSR ilikubali tu. And the problem with you and other flat earthers is that you think that the only mission to the moon is the 1969 first voyage. there were about six other missions to the surface of the moon.
Hii na kama kusema “evidence that man has never flown”

Moon landing was a hoax just like everything else is a hoax,but hey,whatever keeps this sphere,disc,cuboid or a ferkin oblong trapezium we call earth, spinning,i’m fine and dandy about everything else

Do you believe in chem trails?

Iko wapi ile mbica ya kamutu kanataka kusema kitu alafu kanasare tu

hii hapa afisaa

Oblong Trapezium?

Yeah…like a squared circle:cool::cool::cool:

Hawa walienda moon. The only question I have is why did they stop? The moon would be a perfect place to build a base (2 days away) before going to Mars (1 year away) but they want to bypass it anyway and build one on Mars.