Is there anyone who worked at the UNCTAD conference at KICC and has not recieved payment? It seems to be a trend that anywork that has something to do with KICC does not get paid for.


Nani haja lipwa ? watu wa mkono, guides, food caterers,. shauri kuna wengi wame sha lipwa na wame kula mbesha vizuri sana from the event… Be specific.

are you telling us they have not been paid or you are trying to create a malicious rumour?

Kicc,are notorious for not paying for services rendered. Especially we in the events industry. Woe into you if you are a new entrant or you don’t know who is who.

The thing is that kicc releases the money but when you go to claim,you are taken in circles being given all manner of explanations and excuses.

I personally know of a supplier who by having supplied stuff during POTUS time has only been paid 100k whereby anadai an m, had I amechoka kudai

Hii ni kenya kila mtu ni mwizi including ur brother