UNCTAD Conference 2016

So we have about 10,000 chaps who have flown into Nairobi for this conference, listen to speeches, have break out sessions on various topics a ton of free food and drinks, sex as they sample the local talent et al. Presidents will fly in later in the week, and when the conference and they have left, what next? Or it will just be resolutions that will never see the light of day… I’m very wary of such conferences from experience. Watu wa pharmacy should stock up well on Postinor too

thats a very dim view of a country with immense benefits for the country…

Guess what, ata rome statute ilianza kama conference, sahii kila mtu Kenya anaitambua. That said, some of these conferences huwa talk shop pekee

Is Raila a delegate?

@Gio will you be giving a speech at the conference?

Amehepa kaenda zake western

Hehe just a delegate…@shocks @gashwin by the time those resolutions are legislated and adopted by countries it will be some years. I know people who are serial delegates and conference attendants I dont know when they get their work done. @gashwin for the one week they are here or so they will bring in $$ but I want to see a lasting impact on my business, ideally would like to see it now

Just curious. KICC kuna hall with a capacity of 10,000?

What’s this Conference all about? Tuanze hapo, asking for thousands of nairobians who have no idea why they will be inconvenienced for a week

ugly face @Gio ni wewe utakuwa unawapikia lunch uko?

Basically govt, business and academic honchos coming together to deliberate how to tackle international trade and economic issues & how to implement some goals…to me, its an avenue for some honchos to brag of how much govt and trade policies are a hindrance to their trading goals (also from experience) and also how govt is doing its best to make cross border trade easier and more attractive. Nothing you’ve never heard before

“The week-long Conference will feature ministerial debates, high- level round tables, thematic events, a World Investment Forum and a Civil Society Forum, among other events.”

Gay baby boy niliwahi hio tender ya kuwapikia from the kitchens of Gio hukuona jana @Purr_27 kakitengeneza bitings za leo?

Nimekuwa ka…tuheshimiane kijana

Hope its been fully secured.


mrogi… @Purr_27 sasa


Naweza kamua delegate dem hivi?

Wacha they come. Most of those people have jobs that don’t require much anyway. I have been to such conferences. Bored stiff. Then over lunch you have to mingle with people. They are executives, managers… Don’t do much anyway. But lots of great ideas can be gotten coz you discover many have similar issues and different solutions.

kwanza wanakuanga wamevaa power suits na heels…very sexy