[Unconfirmed News] Kenya Airforce acquires Airbus H125M Fennec Helicopters from UAE

I look at what those guys in the more advanced countries are doing and get frustrated, its about starting and making sacrifices

  • I look at the jeeps the Americans were using during world war 2 and they were very rudimentary, but they have continually improved the same and now the vehicles they use in war are much more complex.

If you don’t feel pain, you never improve, thats where we are, we are given goodies by the west and we just become too lazy to try anything on our own, i always imagine if our president only had what was locally made available for his motorcade, i am sure he would have put pressure on the same to be improved, the same goes for the military.

We have two steel plants in Kenya. Devki steel and Apex steel currently in operation. Both are opening various other plants in Athi River and Kwale to be completed in the next few years. They use coal during the day and the new KPLC half price power rates at night. So the question is not that its not being done, this two plants are Kenyan. The question is what are you doing yourself to help other than complaining.

I agree we have to learn from somewhere, but my issue is that we are just too lazy to want to learn or do anything, and its at times embarrassing when we have to go on a begging spree in order to defend our borders, we just need to start, we will suffer at first before we catch up with the technology but we have to start and feel that pain.

As I have mentioned above, if say our president was restricted to drive what we produced locally I am sure those nyayo cars would have been very much improved, but we just have an easy way out, our leadership get their toys from abroad and they see no need to have any local enterprise flourish. The intelligence is present, its just that we are just too lazy.

Okay agreed. What are doing yourself to help in the process?

it’s good developing of a local steel industry is part of the Vision 2030, and recognized as a pillar of industrialization. http://www.industrialization.go.ke/index.php/vision-2030-manufacturing-sector/137-development-of-iron-and-steel-industry

sina pesa za kuwekeza ama kujenga kiwanda, what are you doing yourself?

Both of this firms supplied 40% of all steel requirements need by SGR construction. They filled that 40% quota in the contract for local materials. Its only that they were still too young in the industry to produce other finished pieces needed for its construction. However they are now trying strategic partnership with Chinese firms to get their machinery needed for the same here. That way future construction needs wouldn’t pass them.

Neither do they have funds for it themselves. Its all loans, risk taking, stress, pressure, pills and nightmares before the launch and after commissioning. What I’m I doing myself, that’s a long story. I’ll be back to edit this reply.

From independence up to the 2000’s everything in our economy was under the west yoke literary. The public and private sector pointed west. China man revolution came late during Nyayo sunset years, picked pace under former President Kibaki and took over under Jubilee just as it did the world over. Why, through industry. All the goods that were imported used to come from London, Germany, Italy, usa etc. However China maturing industrialization took over. Most people didn’t know it had a huge impact in our private sector here. All goods, machinery, chemicals and commodity sales here shifted. Asian caught up and realigned themselves with the east. India, China and Dubai become the next port of call for business. The cleaver ones got dealership of those goods here in the country and continent early and profited richly. That’s where the rivalry and money is distributorship. The top cream of Kenyan leaders were first to pay huge fees to earn dealership for Kenya. They then come and form partnership with local distributors here who have the finances to stock, sell and handle after sale services. They become small shareholders earning handsomely for signing up producer and distributor. Once the product has sufficient market locally the next step comes about. Local production of the same here. Now the distributor, producer and yourself decide on how to move part of the production locally. Both contribute finances according to shareholding. You start with local assembly, the price of the product drops and sales pick up. The last stage is moving full manufacturing process here. That’s where most are currently. In the meantime the west goods are completely erased in the market. Now you understand their concerted efforts to demonize everything from the East. Most of politicians are part owners to several dealerships of Chinese brands in Kenya. Its bringing them billions a year as our middle income population numbers keep on increasing. Those brands are now mainstream. That’s where I am now, trying to build one of those brands long enough to get a national appeal so that in the midterm a local assembly can be based here in the country and before I step down I pray a manufacturing plant will be possible.

I also wonder sometimes, we can start making drones and surveillance , parts that cannot be made locally are easily sourced outside…but wololo the govt has put such strict issues on drones that even the techies who could be tinkering with them are frustrated

I pay my taxes, and cast my vote :smiley: - lakini seriously I am referring to national projects, which should be pushed through by the various leadership at the national level - anyway this condescending attitude I think is one of the things that drag us, you ask a senior government official and they answer you by asking what have you done, unasema sawa.

Lakini its just a discussion, I know this things are very very complex.

Its not condescending at all, all the celebrated people in industry started with nothing but changed the world forever. Its all about the attitude in the mind. Are you a doer or a complainer. The ingredient for that success exist more now that any other time. What are you looking for is the question.


Unfortunately, this is the only response that you’ll get from Kenyans especially politicians.

Many Kenyans have tried manufacturing revolutionary things. At times it’s HIV drugs, other times it’s a simple helicopter. And what’s the response? Police show up early in the morning of the test-flight and stop you from flying the damn thing. When it comes to medicinal drugs, you can even get popped for trying to save a generation.

@FieldMarshal CouchP epitomizes the actual thinking of politicians in power who normally stop at nothing when it comes to defending the status quo.

so in short you are doing business on behalf of chinese?

That’s like saying Apple is doing business on behalf of Chinese since their plant is based there. This “Chinese” tag is just the same as what you hear about “Kenyans” in neighbouring countries etc. I’m working for money and my family. This is my part to achieve that in the long term since now its losses territory.

:D:D:D sawa tu. But truth be said, we won’t industrialize by depending on others. I have said that in other threads. Foreigners only serve their own interests, not our interests as Kenyans.

air tractor ilikuwa overpriced mbaya sana hata congress ya america ilikuwa inatuonea huruma

You learn from the best to become the best. In the late 70’s and 80’s China was worse than us in industry. They started by making rudimentary items and copying Japan or west products. By the 90’s the quality was improving to match global brands only that they were cheaper. In the 2000’s they had caught up and starting their own brands. Right now their brands are ruling as well. Let’s not just try to reinvent the wheel, let’s use tie up’s to quickly elevate our rudimentary industries to global standards. Inventors are all over including here, they can easily rise if we have the privately owned production line to do so. The best thriving dealerships right now started with unknown brands over 10 years ago. That time they were asked to pay 100 million I.e 1 million dollars to get sales agency here. This is a product nobody knew outside China. You pay, come here and try convince an established distributor to stock them. Hit or miss territory. Suffer five years of losses as product is trying to establish a footing. Another 5 years of wobble as you suffer mixed results. Then the good times start. Now people fly to China looking for that dealership with endless cash and promise. They are sent to you for approval. Hapo ndio pesa zinamwagika as you launch the assembly line here. Sasa you can afford to give millions a week to harambees as people speculate whether you have joined illumati or your are stealing. Who remembers Huawei, ZTE, Tecno and Hisense 10-9 years before here. They were in China.

Major Update @spear @crasher_18

One of the KAF C-27J Spartan Tactical Military Transport Aircraft (TMAT) Spotted in Turin, Italy


Kenya Air Force, first of the three 3 C-27J Spartan Tactical Military Transport Aircraft (TMAT) has been spotted at a facility in Turin, Italy.

Kenya Air Force is set to retire/replace its ageing DHC-5 Buffalos fleet to improve its logistical efficiency, and most importantly, boost the overall operational capabilities of its Air Force.

The three tactical military aircraft were procured from Italy at a cost of KSh20 billion ($198 448 276) in the period between November 2017 and February 2018. The aircraft will be funded from loans advanced to Treasury by private banks.

The KDF C-27J Spartan tactical transport aircraft incorporates the same propulsion system and advanced avionics as the C-130J Hercules Transport aircraft.

The multi-purpose transport aircraft is intended for transporting troops and materials, paratroops and cargo airdrops, medical evacuation purposes, search and rescue purposed, military logistic supply, humanitarian support, firefighting and support for civil emergency operations among other roles.

That’s a beautiful bird. Our buffalo fleet can retire in glory after decades of endless service. Thank you President Uhuru.