[Unconfirmed News] Kenya Airforce acquires Airbus H125M Fennec Helicopters from UAE

The Kenya Air Force (KAF) has taken delivery of at least four Airbus H125M (formerly designated the AS550) Fennec helicopters, according to photographs released on social media.

Margot Kiser, the journalist who published the photographs, reported that eight former United Arab Emirates (UAE) Fennec helicopters have been purchased by Kenya for use in combat operations against the Somalia-based Al-Shabaab militant group.

The photographs showed four aircraft without rotor blades at a location that could be identified as Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. They were painted in what appeared to be the standard dark grey livery of UAE air force helicopters, but with KAF markings and numbers that included 1703 and 1705.


If confirmed, the Fennecs appear to be the latest in a series of procurements. In June this year it emerged that Kenya had ordered three Leonardo C-27J Spartan transport aircraft from Italy in 2017, with deliveries in 2019, most likely replacing its de Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalos.

Kenya also ordered a number of AW139 helicopters in a separate deal and in December last year displayed two second hand AH-1F Cobra attack helicopters acquired from Jordan. It is not clear how many were acquired – at least three Cobras have been spotted.


A Eurocopter Fennec by Airbus





These are mostly for light transport, scouting and Intel gathering.

The air tractors deal died kabisaa?

Alafu kurutu iangushe in a few weeks

We are getting new MD-530 Cayuse Warrior helicopters and weapons as well from uncle Sam to replace the aging fleet we have. Tiny gunships fast, agile but with new electronic aviation suites, Intel gathering and weapons that make them very lethal.

The older fleet has served us well so integration will be easy.

wazii, hizi pics umeiba wapi

I don’t know, i doubt those with clearance to know will ever confirm or deny that. However trump and senate has approved some military equipments to KDF in the last year and trump congratulated us two weeks ago for acquisition of equipment’s. I believe we either got them or they are on the way or I’m completely wrong. Its the final solution to our border patrol and counter insurgency operations in Somali. Complete air cover and supremacy for hours not minutes.

kwa Afande fulani…

I have seen there are :
12 MD-530F on order for light attack duties
2 C-27J Spartan on order from Italy for transport duties
2 Antonov An-28 transport aircraft on order

Hiyo Antonov I’m not sure its there and why do we need it? KDF mission is very much local, even Somali mission and S.Sudan is just like local operations.

it’s a short range plane actually.

Best thing would be to involve the military in public projects that can lift the economy from its current crisis. They should be involved in construction of low grade roads. Hii air supremacy is mostly imagined.

I pray the god(s) those guys follow hata sisi atuonekanie - will we ever get to a time when we will be making those things on our own, and to imagine that they have more superior ones to those they choose to give us.

Oh yeah you are right. Each time I hear Antonov plane I think of its large transporters. We have more than a dozen Chinese Y-12 light cargo planes. The donkeys of KDF. Can land on unpaved, short runways. Cheap to buy, maintain and easy to operate. We should just get the newer modernized version. Not the most comfortable plane to fly on but they are reliable.

Absolutely. I always see how the militaries of US, Russia and Israel are involved in scientific matters I wish our own could do the same. Even the internet we are using now is a US Military project.

We don’t even have a steel industry to start with.

its an imagination that we really need to fight the terrorists, otherwise we would be toast - kama hauna you take whatever is thrown your way - beggars can not afford to be choosy.

Avic the biggest plane manufacturer is building the tallest building in Kenya and sub sahara region in westlands currently. 45 storeys tall and other 6 structures in the same land. However they have been frustrated by court cases from rival hotel next door, sponsored stoppages and frustration from both current and previous governors of Nairobi. Do you think he is in a hurry to expand his aviation business here. A lot of negative generalized attacks on Chinese currently going on yet they are the biggest investors in our economy right now. They have built, light, heavy, stealth fighters and transport planes. More than any other country the top cream of China is making a footing here for partnership and growth. We just have to partner with them more in win and win ventures.