Uncle Tirampu is the new "Brobesa" of Politics

I don’t know what to think of the man, but Donaldo Tirampu, is certainly “good” at this game called politics. Men in the republican party that used to huff, puff and bellow have been reduced to cheerleaders of semi-tyranny and tinges of dictatorship from their gatheca.

The good ol’ US of A used to be the example of good governance, accountability and temokrasi. Enter Uncle Tirampu and all of a sudden the repubs are in total elastic recoil, while the Temokrats are flailing all over with one ignored summons after another.

What happened to the rule of law? What happened to the conscience and confidence of grown men that have won wars from Vietnam to Iraq? Was all this bravado just a show?

It looks like fundamentally, the lowly Wanjiku in Kwinya is just as likely to be ruled by a tyrant as the “knowledgeable” and “liberated” Wanjiku of the land of ol’ probesa Tirampu. Looks like Amerukans also suffer from “mtu wetu” syndrome, and right now power shall not cross the Hudson River, not matter what rules of engagement are broken by their gatheca from Nyeri Yao

People are just the same world over. Regardless of wealth status, literacy levels or religion. There is a common factor in human beings when it comes to things like pettiness.

Umeandika all that without pointing out any example of this supposed “semi-tyranny”. Nonesense

You must be living in a capsule lined by blissful ignorance. Have yourself an ignorant day, SIR!!!


State facts , Give evidence and substance to what you are saying na usitusi @Super Tall tena otherwise this is just but pang’ang’a ya mogoka base tu.

Uncle Don Trump ndio dawa ya devilcrat. Yeye ni kiboko Yao nyorosha hao. Hapana tambua hizo shoga na Lele.

Watu ya kijiji from developed cunttry wamekua triggered wakiskia tilambu anatajwa:D:D:D:D:D:D, lets wait for the rest waamke wapate hii post…its gonna get retarded up in here:cool:

nongwe hii, maybe the population from the most developed nation and amongst the most educate have decided he is not a tyrant. After all, they do not depend on CNN to shove shit into their brains to form an opinion on someone. Maybe they majority of learned and exposed men and women in the US are collectively intelligent than you

As an attorney general one is a custodian of the law and must follow the law:

  1. He must not submit himself to summons or subpoenas from an unconstitutionally constituted panel.
  2. He must not allow himself to be forced release information illegally.

Hio nchi hakuna siasa. Their leaders are selected by few men masquerading as thinktanks and lobby groups.

QUOTE=“Nattydread, post: 2203331, member: 4401”]Ati???

I also choked on my coffee on seeing this