Uncle Ted's Sweep


hehe,noma sana.

Oh no!! Nani huyo amerudisha Uncle Ted? Mtacheka mlie.

Dear Uncle Ted,

I am a fourth-year university student. In November 2015, I met a 19-year-old chick in her tailor’s shop.

I got attracted to her at first sight. After a short conversation, I noted that she had fallen for me too because she gave me her phone number in minutes. Apparently, she had seen me around during campus holidays.

Later, she revealed to me that she was raped and bore a son when she was 15 and in Class Eight. But that didn’t dent our relationship. Despite the fact that I am in university and she is just a Class Eight leaver who operates a small tailor shop in our village, I love her because she is well-behaved, extremely beautiful and hard-working.

I love her son too and I have even told her parents that I intend to marry her because, trust me, she has all the qualities of what I need in a wife.

The problem is that she is so docile in bed and this turns me off. She allows me to touch her everywhere, undress her and have my way with her without responding. And then after one lap, she complains of tiredness down there.

What pisses me most is that she’s too shy to touch or hold me as you expect when a couple is making love.

When I ask her why she’s hesitant to actively participate, she says she respects me so much that she fears touching me. I am confused. I feel like I’m using her to pleasure myself.

I want her to feel we are equal despite our academic disparity and that my happiness is when I sit down and listen to her ideas and enjoy it when she instructs me.

Please advise.


Ooh Daniel, Daniel! You have university eyes, but you don’t see! You honestly expect a girl who was raped when she was only 15 to bend over with the ferocity of a socialite tumbling in the hay with the sponsor who pays her rent?

She is a Standard Eight dropout, a village tailor, and you expect her to deal with you on equal footing? When she says she is ‘tired’ after one lap at the age where most women run night-long marathons, it doesn’t strike you that something is amiss?

It doesn’t occur to you that ‘tired’ means she is sore because her vagina is not lubricated?

Rape is a terrible, terrible thing. It creates a psychological lock, a hatred for sex and men in a victim’s mind. That lock cannot be shattered by foreplay or many rounds of sex.

In the absence of professional help, a rape victim requires a man with the depth and emotional perception that is clearly beyond your years. Get that poor girl counselled or live with kifo cha mende in bed and forever hold your peace!



Sweeps galore:D:D:D

niliona 2002 nikimaliza form four

sis si wazee kama wewe…

Tupe amani

Vipi baba Chlichy…naona uko ngangari kapsa

nilikua pre unit

After ku repeat pre-unit mara 3. The ABC’s just weren’t getting through…

Are you implying ako ngumbaru ya pre-unit?

You mean you were born around the time Zidane, Djokaerff, Henry, Deschamps and Thuram won the world cup for France?

ambia hawa vijana watuheshimu banaaaa