Uncle Sam Priming for War with Russia

Russian-speaking semi- autonomous regions of Donetsk and Luhansk in Ukraine are under attack from Ukrainian militia. Civilians in this region evacuating towards Russia.

USA trying very hard to actualize their white flag propaganda.

Peace will bankrupt american empire. The middle east is moving on , africa isnt viable for war , so its obvious the other front for uncle sam’s weapons business could be europe.

There’ll be no war, but lots of posturing, arm wrestling, and deception to shape public opinion

Russia is the aggressor here, in as much as America likes to police the world, let us not shift the blame.

How would you react is Somalia started arming some NEP bandits and then position 50% of their standing military near the Kenyan border?

Every few decades, Caucasians get tired of peace and self destruct in an orgy of violence.
I support their current efforts to nuke each other.


What is happening in Ukraine is not new. Look at the former Yugoslavia or Sudan.

Countries can split. They are not cast in stone. The majority Russian speaking regions can choose to break away from Ukraine and join Russia.

Russia is just trying to provide protection to their fellow native Russian speakers inside Ukraine who are facing attack from western backed forces.

Wacha gatemanwo.

Wacha wazungu wauane. Wajinga hao. Let the scumbags kill each other like dogs. No loss at all. As long as Africans tuko sawa. Let them kill each other.

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