uncalled for ... Uhuru jameni

Who is this persons adviser? Take a leaf from Kibaki who will still remain the greatest president Kenya has ever had. You can use some words and not realize that there are still people hurting from P.E.V 2007/8 More consideration to the children and women who were burnt alive with a tribe he says he is working with… Shindwa shetani


Hii tuliona lini waungwana?

its not a matter of watching its a matter of discussing… ao namna gani my fren




i actually picked the clip from the previous post for the same since there it moved tribal… hope hapa itakuwa sane

The words do not even synch with his mouth/lips. Everytime he talks the mouth is blurred.

Uhuru is careful about how he speaks.

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Ukaona hatujatosheka kuidiscuss ukaanzisha thread ingine??

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body language

He could have been saying anything. Don’t force it.

Joshua akifikisha Wanaisraeli Canaan.



Mimi kama NASA brigade tulisema hatu discuss stale news hata kama itapatia sisi mileage, tafuta mjadala ingine tuchangie.

Tumbilidiots will avoid this but go ahead to call Raila a warmonger.


So in the clip, Uhuru amesema kabila gani wafurushwe warudi huko kwao?? The message is those that fought each other came together and worked together. Trust an ODOMO to twist that and equate it with that of a blood thirsty violent dictator


In Raila’s clip alisema atashughulikia kuinua jamii from poverty ndio Maasai wasiuze mashamba yao, kila mtu abakie kwao. That was immediately twisted to become a war cry by tumbilidiots with you at the forefront. Yaani, for anything else he spoke, you heard donkey neighs and dogs barking but the moment he mentioned kila mtu abakie kwao, hapo ndio ujinga ilianza kudhihirika na kububujika kama hot springs za hells gate, ujinga that can only be equal to that of the KKK.


Mumeanza conspiracy theories tayari? So how comes the Chinese guys have accepted responsibility for the shoddy job then?

Wanaitwa the 36 clunching on straws


Well you chose to pretend you didnt hear him say ‘warudi huko kwao…’ Anyway i dont blame you since once you have the ODM sheds on, kila kitu ya baba ni safi, you just throw insults around even accusing jubilee of your dark skin. Tumewazoea

Na tukisema tumbilidiots ni wajinga inasemekana tuko na chuki.

Alisema watu wabaki kwao.

Hizi ODM sheds ni gani?

Where have I accused tumbilee of my dark skin? Tumbilee, being a two tribe party to the point the supposed president says it, has failed Kenyans big time. Hapo nitakubali nimewa-accuse of failure which is what they are and what they are propagating. Hata huyo unaita president aliadmit kwa kusema tunataka afanye nini.