Unbelievers and Atheists gather here, I have something I would like to share with you.

God is real and the Bible is his word.


ushai ongea na mungu ama ?

So, christian god? wouldn’t it suffice if you said “born christians blah blah,gather here”? What of other religions? Dont they have a say in this? If only you stopped this chest thumping maybe apostates would see something worthwhile to come back to.

This God is real


Everything is real

Lol. The bible. The one thing that I can quickly skip is a guy trying to prove a point using the bible. No honestly, any person who conforms to reason would understand that, not only is this one of (if not the most) controversial book ever to be graced on earth, but anyone including homosexuals can quote it & its verses & still be right. Like, one very line in any book/chapter can be interpreted a thousands time & non will be wrong. I mean, if there is one thing that is an enemy of facts its ambiguity.