Unasaidia Kunguru Kujaza Keja Alafu Unatupwa Nje


Beta chieth.

The only other thing the beta male hajarushiwa hapo nje yenye alinunua na pesa yake ni PS4.

Weh, women have zero respect for betas. Even he sounds defeated. She’s creating space for the dominant male. Sasa hio ngui talala pia nje? Hehe

There was a guy last week lamenting on social media how he assisted an orphaned girl finish high school, then saw her through university where she studied law and graduated to become a lawyer then dumped the guy who was working as a lorry driver since he was no longer of his class.
Man, this life!

Watu hambiwa mambo ya briffault’s law na hypergamy, hawaskiangi. Wanafikira ni uchokozi tuko nayo and we are just stating it as it is, shauri yao.

As a man you should strive to make the house totally yours at all costs and assert your dominance Otherwise at the peak of a lockdown like now is when these daughters of Eve decide to punish you for mistakes you did in 2010 by throwing your ass out.

LaQuisha is a Strawng Independent Womyn who don’t need no Mans. She’ll just pump out some kids from her 5 baby daddies, collect that child support and cash those welfare cheques. Tyrone seems like a deadbeat too. All he had were clothes, a TV and a pit bull?

Tyrone James dindu nufffin!

SwagMargeddon=Andrew kibe

First mistake ni huyo jamaa aliexpect something in return lawama ni yake mwenyewe. that woman did not do anything wrong from the information you have provided us with.

This world will devour any man without a backbone.

Broke a basic rule of moving into a females house. Hard lesson :smiley:

@Randy what are your thoughts, about the quality of timber on that staircase?

Looks like some soft wood.

Mtoto wa malaya niaje?

@Ndindu :D:D:D. He wuz jus talkin to em other shawtiez n shieet.

Nimechukua hiyo Pitbull na TV



These two short videos explain the situation of that man being chased away like a dog…but betamales never listen

I thought you liked men weak so that you can prey on their ass??What happened bottom faggot??

Kunguru ni huyo jamaa end result for a cheating partner.