Unaitas sacco

They paid out dividends of 9% this year. Just wondering what other investment in terms of shares yielded the same or higher. Investments that you are involved.

I have heard people complaun about stima sacco sooo.


M-Akiba gives a yield of 10%
If they don’t tax the interest then M-Akiba is the best investment vehicle I can think of

who wants to join Unitas Sacco?;););):wink:

Join unaitas at your own peril.

Shida ya unaitas ni gani…the ceo resigning? You have any more info

You are getting a raw deal there

Kuna makiba pale juu…what other options do you have?

Weka pesa zako CIC money market. Annual difident 10-12% depending on economy.

why should you risk your money in CIC or Unaitas for 10-12% when you can get 10% risk free at M Akiba?

Risk your money for 18% and above.

stima sacco isn’t bad. i’m a member of it and they pay their dividends vizuri sana.

They made some fucked up strategic moves on their way up. Sasa ndio fundamentals are catching up with them. Same way jubilee built SGR only for it to come bite them in the diab.

Ilikuwa ngapi dividends payout most recently?

a goooooood 14%. if you have some nice money saved, your first quarter will always be a good quarter.