Unacelebrate Moi Day has been Declared a Holiday & U are Jobless.... Lmfaoooo

Question. Have you lived majuu? How long? Where exactly? How do you come up with that 80% figure that you quote? Sema tu, the 80% that you personally know. Don’t generalize.

I’ll tell you for a fact. The number of Kenyans that have graced universities (let alone ivy league colleges) would leave you dumbfounded. The number of Kenyan born professionals in fields such as teaching, law, medicine, IT, engineering, research, law enforcement, nursing etc utashangaa.

Don’t use your underachievement in Vumbistan as a yardstick for those not within those borders.

80% of Kenyans earn less than 100K a month. Let that sink in.

Where the cost of living is way much lower than Europe

This is kind of dated but the facts are undisputed.

The Kenyan diaspora population in the United States is well educated, economically successful, and has a labor force participation rate that far exceeds the national average. A larger share of Kenyan diaspora members in the United States holds bachelor’s degrees and advanced degrees than the U.S. population overall, and over one-quarter of the population is in the nursing profession. The median annual income for Kenyan diaspora households in the United States is $11,000 above the U.S. national median, and two in five are homeowners.
The Kenya-born population is scattered across many parts of the United States, with the high-est numbers located in Texas and California. Among U.S. metropolitan areas, Dallas has the largest population of Kenyan immigrants.
Kenyan diaspora organizations based in the United States tend to be newer groups without full-time professional staff or significant revenue streams, reflecting the fact that the diaspora is relatively small and recently arrived. Only one of the 45 groups identified for this study reported having annual revenue above $200,000, and most had much lower levels of revenue or none at all. Recognizing the potential of the diaspora to contribute to domestic growth, the Kenyan government has started actively engaging its diaspora, protecting the rights of its citizens abroad, and promoting diaspora networks.
In 2012, Kenya’s total remittances receipts valued at $1.2 billion and this monetary inflow made up 3 percent of the country’s $41 billion gross domestic product (GDP). The United States is the second-largest source of Kenyan remittances, having transferred approximately $315 million to the country that year."

Migration Policy Institute - Rockerfeller.

I’ve tasted both sides, there’s the good side and also the bad, mtu mihutambua na kuheshimu sana is anyone that makes it in Kenya, in the West the system favours you hapa Kenya the system works against you.

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This story is incomplete without the kuchunishwa skuma chapter!!!

:smiley: jaluo jinga umeguswa pahali

11.50€ per hour
now it all makes sense.

@Nachunisha Majamaa Sukuma how many employees do you have? your “triple income” inasustain watu wangapi hapa kenya? how much tax do you pay? uko na projects zipi hapa kenya zenye zimecreate opportunities for your beloved jobless brethren?

jobless kenyans who survive on handouts from parents and relatives hudharau yule mtu anafanya menial jobs abroad, ana earn bread yake bila kusumbua mtu. ao watu wa majuu wakikosa kutuma msaada kuna kenyans wengi middle class watahamia kibera. last year they sent 200 billion,

Umesoma post…!! The nigga is mocking jobless kenyans yet he is surving on minimum wage.

I respect guys who work on minimum wages in the middle east and western countries alot. in kenya we have jobless youths yet our drainages are in a mess, but our youths are too educated to do menial jobs. we are sustained by our brothers and sisters driving trucks in western countries, because with our degrees driving a truck is beneath us. working in a hotel is beneath us. mmi natambua yule mtu anakula mkate amejitafutia, than yule mtu analia ako jobless ilhali kuna kazi mob kenya ya kufanya. magari ziko chafu na streets hazijafagiliwa, ju youths hawaezi osha gari for 50 bob.

Unajua minimum wage ya Germany ama unapayuka for the sake of payukaring. Google is yr friend.

Walitumia mpesa ama nani? Yangu iko wapi

Its 9€ you are only above it by 2€

And that 9€ is also enough btw. Hio 2€ unasema “only” is equal to Ksh 228/- and that is per hour. So according to u its just “only” . According to statistics a peaasant in Kenya survives on only a dollar a day. Aaaaah i kiff up

This kind of posts and sentiments from people in diaspora is what leads Kenyans to have a bit of resentment for those in diaspora.
The same vain @Panyaste is using to diss jobless Kenyans in Kenya is the same the well to do Kenyans are using to disparage his income.
@Panyaste how long have you been in Germany juu that wage suggest you’re still in the lower cadre of employment?

U tell me coz u seem to know more about Germany than me? If i told u that a 2000€ plus salary is more than enough for a bachelor like me wud u believe? Cheki rent+ elec+ water=650.

Food here is cheap . 300€ per month is more than enough.

Medical care is free.

Misc tuweke 150€

Nimebaki na ngapi?

Anyway the reason for this thread was not comparing jobs in kenya and diaspora. U was trying to get a point thru but since wengi hapa hamna akili u didnt get it. I was tryna say why unemployed youth are celebrating a day named after a man who made them be in the situation they are in. Hio tuu lakinj mka derail kama kawaida yenyu so i let it slide

Jibu swali langu how long have you been there?
Just above minimum wage is good when you’re starting out lakini life happens and you’ve to move up.You are planning on being a bachelor for life ama?
By the way I have tasted both sides and I would be the last person to look down on people in diaspora.