Unacelebrate Moi Day has been Declared a Holiday & U are Jobless.... Lmfaoooo

Kwani hauna akili? Kuna maghasia prolly walikuwa kwa base ya jaba when they heard Matiangi has declared Moi day a public holiday. After hearing that walichapana ma high fives as they told the jaba base owner to ongeza volume ya reggae music ndio they tingisha kiyambis in celebration.

Saizo mahns ni mtu jobless corner. Kazi nikuamuka saa tano daily. Chapa breako alafu unapeleka kiyambis hapo idlers corner which can be outside a kinyozi or kiosk mkicheza draughts as u gossip about peole in the neighbourhood plus cat calling mamboch.

Bro usi celebrate hio holiday Matiangi amewapea coz for u it’s a holiday every day.

The type of people who will go in a pub on that particular day kusumbua watu wawanunulie pombe.

JOBLESS KENYANS when reality hits them after celebrating the declaration of Moi day as a PH

Mwishoni ukamua kuanika picha ya @gashwin :smiley:

Joblessness is not something to make fun about.

exactly especially in a country with over 80% OF YOUTHS JOBLESS

Exactly…it is one of the worst forms of psychological torture in this country.

I don’t wish for anyone to be jobless and I apologize to all those who don’t have a job, it’s actually our fault. Our forefathers should have fought to build a stronger nation where joblessness is not a thing and even today we should all be working hard to create jobs for the youth and make some wealth for ourselves in the process


kwako omwami

Sijui unasema nini panyaste na masharara ni ileile whether you go to work or not… Hehe

Lakini mimi niko job mbaya… I don’t care about weekends or holidays juu I can take breaks whenever I want…

mdau ulikataa partnership

Fak moi

Kuna difference .
Wenye wako employed hiyo siku tunashinda nao mtaani.

That’s the difference btwn Kenya and the West. Such a declaration in the West would have been met with alot of resistance b/c folks are paid with hours worked. I myself uskia vibaya nikiskia siku fulani has been declared holiday coz that means nitapoteza 8hrs. I am paid 11.50€ per hour(Some are paid more depending on nature of job). Do the math

Sasa juu unalipwa pesa kidogo hivo ya kuosha tunyanye rasa ndio maana huwa unakuja kutusi vijana hapa kila siku…

Ghaseer meffi hii

who hurt u? This is the only come back yenye watu walinyimwa visa have on diasporans lakini at the end of the day mko "si unitumie kakitu western union ama tukija 254 December mnatulamba ndio we do u favors Lmfaooooooo

Huku hizi mpaka, yes it is a national day of importance for certain ones. It is observed but people and companies still consider it a working day. Unless it is a Federal holiday like Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s Day. Some or most of the rest are considered discretionary. Watu wako works.

I just find it very strange that a chokoch making minimum wage in a developed country is always the one shouting the loudest about joblessness and making fun of it. I can point to more than 10 posts za kishonde from u kama hii.

BTW, some of us make much more than that in Kenya na hutawahi tuona hapa chest thumping and laughing at our unfortunate brothers.

Style up man

Huyu chokoch angekuwa kenya kwanza he could be doing much worse than those jaba guys he is laughing at. He should thank the heavens sana ati walami hawana time ya kuosha tunyanye matako so they have to outsource it to low IQ bonobos and mongoloids.

Why do you guys in Kenya have this misplaced assumption that everyone yuko majuu does those kind of jobs? Not that there is anything wrong with it for those that do.

Do you know it is because of those Kenyans doing even those kinds of jobs and their remittances that has kept Kenya afloat with it being the number one forex earner?

It surpassed tourism, coffee, tea. Hapana tumia kichwa kama kabati ya meno.

Na wewe unafikiria sisi wenye tuko huku kenya are doing nothing but sleeping all day…sio?

Ati nyinyi juu mko majuu mkilipwa $12 an hour kama panyaste ndio mmeshikilia economy yetu, sio? …So, that gives u and your ilk the right to disrespect and laugh at our fellow unfortunate brothers…

And, yes. Most kenyans majuu over 80% are surviving by doing menial jobs that no white man would stoop low to do. Chokoch kama panyaste going by his silly posts nko sure hata degree/diploma hana. Yes, i have said it.

They are very few intellectuals, professionals and captains of industry huko. Some of us have hustled and built from the ground up papa hapa in the 254, and have horned a unique skillset that can rival those in the West.

On a serious note €92*24=2208 before tax sio pesa mingi sana ya kufanya uite watu jobless.

In Germany i can assure u hio ni minimum wage job, nikama mtu analipwa 35K in Nairobi CBD kama bankteller. Halafu unapata fala kama huyo akijipga kifua vile hayuko jobless…you are like, WTF??? Dude!

Some of us triple that much per month hapa kenya na hatusumbui.