Unable to access Ktalk on mobile

Vipi wadau,i am unable to access ktalk on my Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra.Anyone else expereincing this?When i open the browser,there is an exclamation mark from chrome that says the site is not safe and it doesnt go beyond that.PC iko tu sawa it opens without issues.Anyone else experiencing the same? @adminstrator @mundu_mulosi @Electronics4u .I cant be opening my laptop all the time buana.


Nokia 3310 haiwezi kushika internet

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Screenshot ya iyo ultra

Download the ktalk App

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Tumia Enigma link mkuu,app haiko kwa playstore kwa hii samsung s23ultra powered by Safaricom yangu

There should be a link hapo chini click it and say proceed anyways

Yangu haina banae.I have to make so many attempts including clearing cache which then requires logging in afresh.Inabore ka shiet.

Show off ya simu low key :green_emoji:

Angalia kama the time on your phone iko sawa! All certs are up to date!

One thing I like about talkers ni details , Mazda X5, Samsung ultra slim thick s23 , a young rich employed yellow yellow 10/10 , yaani mnakuanga keen with soft details


mkuu time ya simu yangu iko set na gps like all other android devices.navigating ktalk has became a nightmare on mobile.at night usingizi ikiisha 230am and i feel like getting into ktalk inashinda iki hang.like early this morning i got frustrated and threw away the samsung galaxy s23 ultra luckily it was caught by the mosquito net and it landed on my king size bed next to my left foot instead of on my thick persian carpet.please do something.i have seen someone else complaining in a separate thread which points to a bigger issue.

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Videos tu ndio husumbua on my Iphone 15, kwanza kuna ile video ya bibi ya jeshi mmeru @mzeemashavu alipost sijawai ona bana , kumuuliza ni group gani hio alitoa vida ndio ni satisify my curiousity jamaa alilenga hio stori. Waturedio @Electronics4u billionaires wa kijiji wanasuffer bana

I like dholuo confidence & pride, or do i say.

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Hii Simu, uliuziwa na @johntez_addi_gaza_ms by any chance?