UN Kenya Person of the Year.

WORLD MARATHON record holder Eliud Kipchoge named UN Kenya Person of the Year.
Nominations zenu pia zikuje in any category you can think off, winners will be announced during Maanzoni 3
@Nyarwath for best hekayalist 2018

Humble to the core!

Maanzoni 3…tidbits. Next utasema winners will be invited to Maanzoni 3 for a gala dinner.
Keep the ignorant hopeful…

No wonder he went Jogging with Richard Quest

Despite what I think I know,hiyo ‘jogging’…taking it under advisement.

Necklacing him with ‘sinendet’ is uncalled for in such a forum. Hii ni ukienyeji sana

sasa tungetumia nini? those flashy xmass decorations?

Traditional and cultural values!!! Kama Kuna kitu hunijamisha na reporters ni kuinterview an athlete after a race and making fun of the speech ! If I ever meet one ntamwambia next time reporters come running after you ukimaliza race give your response in native tongue let them find a translator coz it’s their fuckin job

Suti pekee. Xmass decorations wachia akina Uwes wakipeleka vijana kwa river asubuhi

…keep complaining next utaskia “sinendet” iko patented Japan


Nobody deserved it better.

I did my part n voted for him also in the IAAF male athlete of the year. This guy is something else. How he did the Berlin race was a supreme showing


This guy showed Mo Farah what running is all about. A true living legend! Firm handshakes, sir

chiethlovski niaje

Salama, nirushie jail bait moja nitoe baridi.

Utatolewa barid na kina oyamo na jowie pale kamiti ukiendelea hivi

inboks nikurushie kitu ya 16 years kienyeji