umoja lanyes

they grab your hand and
beckon at the onlookers inviting you
for a treat in there theaters at a cost
off 20bob that wont last you
3minutes regardless of whether you
have vomited the seed or not.
The girls have mastered the art of
corning young boys who often don’t
know how long one ejaculation shot
should take. Even before the boy
hits the climax marks you are often
pushed off from your ejaculating
position (whether bend over or
missionary) and asked to quit your
mission or else you are overcharged
a triple amount of 150shillings.
Onyango is frequent visitor at this
favorite theater lodge and has
instantly complained about these
girls corny behaviors. Often the
contract between the two parties
isn’t allowed to reach maturation.
TRhe gusto with which one is thrown
of just as the penis head slides in
its dish is worrying and for a man on
Viagra this can be the joke o a
For Kariuki who has mastered the art
of two strong strokes of pumps and
ejaculates says there is no such a
better quickie in town than the one
Umoja offers.If you think Sabina Joy
was doing better than this then
Umoja will be in to surprise many.
Plan B has a better host rather
these women are more expensive
than the ones found in Umoja 2
Egesa estate and at HornBilland
Peacok yopu will get a rather a scary
deal that comes wrapped in all
For few who live in little Umoja City
they have a fairy tale for the night.

What. So you a story teller now?

Negro pictures… do I have to spell that out for you

Wewe ni sperm-eater!

Shit!!! Just pick up a girl in the bar and have normal sex. 3minutes will never be enough, unless you are a horny police officer working night shift


Whatever works for you

I have a buddy who is a police officer, jamaa huwa ananipa hadithi za kushangaza sana

Tupe hadithi moja

Leta hekaya boss

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