Umewahi Iba Kitu?

Everyone in this world has stolen something. Some while at work, some while in a holiday in a hotel.

Government workers mostly in procurement steal entire office’s furniture.

Hapa ni Kenya, having opportunity to steal then failing to steal could completely ruin you and your entire clans reputation for generations.


Kuna mahali nilipita na Desktop CPU, Dell Optiplex Core i7


Stealing is an abomination to the Lord . I eat what I plant and drink what I brew


Uliibia Mse wa cyber.

Zi. Kuna site tulikuwa tunafanya motor upgrades ya conveyor belt production line, computers too were getting replaced with new ones after expiry of EULA, Dell CPU whose only problem was a damaged CPU fan was classified as Junk despite being less than 1 year old. Comp had nice specs 1TB, 12GB, Core i7, NVidia graphics, I still have it with me


Kuna time tumeiba ma SSN za majuu for fraud purposes.

I am glad I moved on from such shit

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Arresting Under Arrest GIF by ABC Network

Na hutaki Ruto atuibie. Wewe ni gaidi sugu

Since I joined form one, sijawahi hepesha kitu ya mtu. Am surprised.

Toa za eyes ama nikuseti

Niliibia paro Doo ya jaba

I have stolen the hearts of a few girls.

Paro, sheng ya kitambo kiasi. Siku hizi hata mtu haelewi hii generation wanasema aje. Their words and sentences are sometimes backwards.

Wanapenda manyu hawapendi Lembe!

Uwesmakende aliibia kampuni Thermos ya chai


I need to upgrade my stealing

Funny how @johntez_addi_gaza_ms hasn’t graced this thread

Nakumbuka tu nikiiba mandururu na ten cents za kubuy puruu nikiwa class two. Mathey na fathey wakanisitdown hadi nikaconfess. I was admonished and told never to repeat that again… It was ingrained in little me that stealing is a bad thing. Sijawahi iba tena despite the numerous opportunities to do so especially at the workplace


,You must a grandparent to a Gen z