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The boy is a birrionaire musician naskia anachafua msuper kila birthday na gare mbichi kila mwaka.

Pulse: With all the posh rides and the wealth you are said to control, can we conclude that you are the richest young celeb in town?
KRG: I don’t know yet.

P: Would you say you are well-off?
KRG: Well, maybe… I don’t focus on what other people own. I am comfortable with what I have so I guess it’s for the world to judge.

P: How much are you worth, approximately?
KRG: I don’t know yet because I haven’t put that into serious thought yet. I can’t quote a figure - I have to confirm.

P: Would you classify yourself as a millionaire?
KRG: I can’t say I am a millionaire. Maybe a billionaire, because of the land I own. The cars I have could be the equivalent of millions in value.

P: You drove to our offices in a Chrysler; is it yours?
KRG: (Laughs) I own all the cars I have including that Chrysler 300C, which is a 2008 model. It’s not as expensive as people think. In total, I have about six cars that I drive including the Land Cruiser VX V8, the 2014 model, which is the most expensive in my collection.

P: Does that mean you come from a rich family?
KRG: I wouldn’t say rich because it means a lot. Even the president doesn’t say he is rich. We’re comfortable. My family saw the potential in me and they invested.

P: So, how would you explain your wealth?
KRG: My money comes from business. I am into construction. I have a company called Kilions Group that builds roads and buildings together with my partner. I also have a tours and travel business called Taraja Safaris where we do ticketing, safaris and car hire. I also have a transport business under Wallstreet Corporation that runs the business of commercial lorries like trailers and tippers. I have other investments too.

P: With that, why do music?
KRG: I love music and have a passion for it. I started when I was 16 so it’s something I’ve always wanted. I also love to deejay, which I have trained for.

P: How many songs have you recorded so far?
KRG: I just started this year but I have seven dancehall and hip-hop/dancehall tracks that were produced at G Hood Records and mastered at Herbal Records sometime ago. I also have a new studio that offers audio and visual recording services. It is called Fast Cash Music Group. That is where I will be recording my music.

P: You love dancehall music…
KRG: Well, I can’t really say I am dancehall artiste. I just sing what I feel and music gives me the platform to express myself. I am versatile but I want to do dancehall at the moment because that’s what I feel now.

P: Your new collabo with Jiggy, Wine & Drop, is quite the club-banger. Are collabos your thing?
KRG: I have done all my seven songs with Jiggy because he’s very good. At the moment I am planning to collabo with Burna Boy. We have already talked and we are in the planning process. Also in the works is a collabo with Jamaican artiste Dolly Difference.

P: What do your parents feel about your music career?
KRG: My dad supports it. My mum loves it but she doesn’t like the music.

P: Are you in a relationship?
KRG: I’ll keep that private… until I ask my partner if I can comment.

P: How much do you spend on a weekend?
KRG: I don’t drink so it depends on what I am spending on.


Mali ya msasi mimi hapana tambua.


seems like a younger version of prezzo

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Uza miwa kwa bidii ndugu. Utafika tu :D:D:D
Na ukifika usinisahau.


Another spoilt rich kid seeking cheap publicity. Yaawn!!

Yes that was the thing I saw.

The other day i saw him lie to is how he was selling keg 5 years ago in Kisii town, thru that now is a selof made birrionaire. Say amen! Hehe

huyu ni mtoto mjinga ataangusha company za wazazi wake na that stupid music carrer of his. Umeona the cars ati he gives his girlfriend annually, boss!!

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huyu nimeskia leo

Gutter press exclusive …good for him though

simtambui . meffi yeye

kubwa huyu ni nani?