Umama Sunday: Hii kunguru si tuliambiwa inafanya umaliar huko JKIA?

Nimeona hii udaku huko Mharo nikashangaa

The story about her being an escort seems to have been scrubbed off the interwebs. I could only find it in some gutter press.

Kwani huyu Marya ni mistress wa deep state nini? Sahii naona tumeanza kuwa bombarded na the same nonsense Sanaipei Tande subjected us to for weeks. Seems there’s a concerted effort to rehabilitate her with the usual sob stories. Oh, I did everything right in my marriage, why did it end aki? I’m sure it had nothing to do with her whoring tendencies.

This is someone, if the blogs are to be believed, who abandoned her child to do prostitution full time. The same child she claims to have been sticking in a dysfunctional marriage for :D:D:D

Hehe, hii Kenya you can pay our starving githeri “journalists” a few thousand shillings to clear your name, no matter how tarnished it is. No wonder politicians get away with so much crap. Imenikumbusha wakati huyu chizi aliletwa Tuko

Ukisoma comments za hao subscribers wa Tuko unaeza amini kila guest huko ni mzuri sana, ni kuonewa tu. It’s only after she started blackmailing Lynn Ngugi that her other side appeared. She really enjoys attention this one, sura tu ndio alinyimwa banae

Funny enough, the above video hit YouTube years before that Tuko interview and no one mentioned it until she got into a tiff with Lynn Ngugi.

Heneway, mimi sina shida na umaliar. Prostitution is a major contributor to the economy, including Forex earnings. So watu watombane kabisa. Shida ni hizi coverups za kipuzi za githeri media. Those, I have a problem with. Washienzi.

how idle are you to write all that bullshit/nonsense complete with statutes and case laws .

Asked Kenyatalk’s number one idler.

Siwezimind kulamba marya

Kwa hivyo Marya ni Maraya?