Umalaya umezidi IG

Inaonekana Kenyans wame normolise umalaya. Na wanaume wameamua kununua paka[ATTACH=full]290199[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]290200[/ATTACH]

meria unasumbua

This is the oldest profession my friend
It transcends generations
Respec please

Uyu haficha ako mpaka na onlyfans account… she looks like a strawberry with legs.

Sadness of life ni ati Kuna ndume inalipa kitu kama hii $500

Meria mata niuzie succeed new shape…

Demand and supply dynamics tu. Wenye demand ndio wanafuel hii upokoste Yote.

The pride of being a wife and a woman, to a man, has been shattered by feminism. Siku hizi ni open hypergamy which is upokoste in practice.

In an open-hypergamous system, all pussy is on sale. Fika tu bei, in terms of money ama SMV. In traditional societies, men traded their lives via marriage for pussy; nowadays if I spend 1-3k on a date, I can eat the pussy for a whole weekend…

As with any system, men find a way to thrive and men are thriving. Feminism to the enlightened man is the best thing to happen since internet porn.

Wacha wauze

Ni wewe huna pesa, hii kitu watu hulipia hata $ 10,000 na si kitu kwao

She has regular “Clients” in Lagos and Abuja who pay her travel and accommodation costs in addition to a “Service Fee” of USD: 50 - 150 per “Session” …
Stuff she brags about on her IG blog …:smiley: