Umalaya ni Gharama

Hata mimi nilidhani ninmalaya ana unveil breakdown ya expenses zake… Kumbe ni ghassia taka taka tuu…

Enyewe women will nefa efa understand men, and our biology, but that is our job,… to pass with everything that allows such passage and is passable…
Why do you want us to behave and act like women and start seiving and chujaing?.. that is an unnatural thing for men. It comes easily for women to chuja and vet, no so for men…

our sexual strategies and goals are thus guided and will never be similar…

You have one egg per month, we have billions of sperm Every day, half a billion per shot, every half an hour to be precise…

Any man who allows himself to be given a philosphy of how to live his sexuality by a woman is doomed.

u think they will listen?

uko na bahati hujaskiza @Starscream akiargue
ull never want to argue with a villagidiot again

the saddest part of these threads is @jmoy is 55 years, yet he talks of going to phuck good hope whores daily. sadness of life

What did I ever do to you?

Niliachana na malaya @anon46421834

Who is a shrink @Finest wine? Ongea polepole mapipi wasisikie but i don’t do malaya anymore - niliquit after nichapwe na PNC i couldn’t look at anyone even the skies

@Finest wine nishukishe next stage … from there nitatembea

Never be elder. Even me i never knew those places existed until i come to this kijiji

MCA MWK ndo ametoka kwangu saa hii

Na BBI inapita hivo tu

I even don’t know the location of good hope or any other filthy brothels talked here, never have i stepped in one neither talked of one. Nikona standards najipenda na najiheshimu uncle. The things i see posting here from those brothels makes my mjulus go back to the stomach … filthy women. And i realized 99% of elders here don’t love themselves - just look at the things they eat.

Atleast @tall mnyama everywhere alipandisha standards tangu ahame kwa mama na apewe tugari na mhindi

If indeed he is 55, si basi good hope ndio rika yake… At least haezi kuwa na PNC anakula his dota’s agemates and his son’s girlfriends or future dota inlaws

Unauliza jamaa anatombania hiyo slum ya majengo?

Boss mimk niliachana na malaya kabisaa. I am a reformed member of the society.

Heshimu @Starscream ghassia

You won’t like this but a shrink is a psychiatrist. Because to me you seem to be really struggling with your decision to quit this awful tabia. Don’t bite my head since we are analysts of all sorts. So I am wearing my psychiatrist hat as I got a degree from River Rd Uni.

Bless you.

The only degree you have is Basheras Degree in Guava Arrangements from Randan School of Mapera Economics.

Enda polepole boss @anon46421834 hapo kwa @Finest wine nataka kumuoa soon to be my third wife … problem sijua ka ni dick peddler in disguise