Umalaya ni Gharama

Elders, umalaya ni gharama … have you ever sate down and calculated how much you have used a month or a year in umalaya and realized how you could have used that money kujijega ka mwanaume? Kaa chini fanya hesabu na utaachana na umalaya

Elders, achaneni na umalaya. umalaya and finances to a man are like water and oil, they never mix, or like petrol and fire, umalaya sets all man’s money on fire and he watches it burn as he enjoys a 1 minute pleasure

Dinya malaya bila budget pole pole bila kusumbua village.

Umekula komodo gani leo

You are right. But who really cares? in 70 years 95% of us will be dust. Enjoy while you still can.

For a moment nimefikiria kijana inafanya umalaya then nikaendelea kusoma.[SIZE=1]My bad[/SIZE]

choose your poison Omera

Girlfriend (Uber 1000, Nywele 1500, Food=Alcohol 2500+, Misc 2000 in month)
Lanye 200 shot + 150 room

Jamo you need the services of a shrink. You think about lanyes 24/7. It is an addiction just like to akoho and drugs. While I feel sorry for your wife because you also have the MCA MwK…I do feel for you. How do you bed anything in a skirt? how so?

Kwani umalaya is limited to lanyes? I thought pia WAGS fall strongly into umalaya ama?

You need to read his past posts to get the genesis of my comment. Jamo can pass with any female that allows him ‘passage.’

Vile @Bl3ze amesema. Kama unadhani umalaya ni gharama jaribu kuoa You will spend ten times more for a single shot

Wacha ujinga. Deal with your problems personally. Kama uko addicted kutomba maliar that’s your business. Una ufala sana kila siku ni threads za umalaya. Let hoes hoe.

:D:D roadkill za 200 mnatoanga wapi…heheh

Boss, unatombania room ya 150 na malaya ya 200 kwani hujipendi

@Agwambo patia yeye directions

wewe unajipenda enda tombana Mombatha na keja 10,000/=

pia mimi am struggling hard not to judge. Eish. Anyway, iriswhariris

I must admit I was very sheltered when it came to prostitutes, I didn’t even know about places like Sabina Joy, Amar, Rico, Tea Room, Good Hope etc before I joined this forum. Hii kijiji imenichanua, before I only knew and heard about Koinange street. Of all my vices I’m glad screwing hoes has never been one. It seems so many men out here are addicted to them. God only knows why, looking at the bloated ogres posted here.

Huyo malaya wa 200 akikukalia anakuchoma kama umevaa jeans :smiley:

if it was only about working capital, marriage is way cheaper
marriage is more expensive because of risk
Long term girlfriends cost next to nothing to be with. As long as you do not cohabit long enough for some clever lawyer to call her a wife.

Wewe ni chokosh… we hata haujiheshimu