I have always loved watching ULTIMATE SURVIVAL.its amazing the way this guy can survive in the harshest terrains of the world.today he was in a rain forest and he was miserable cause it poured all the time.he tried to cut through a mangrove but it proved so hard he opted to build a raft and float down the river instead.and the things he eats!ants,snakes,bird eggs all raw yuck!all in all he teaches survival skills that can help you survive anywhere.

Are you now able to survive after that lesson?

You don’t see the medical crew behind the camera.

I know they are there but still its intresting

Hapa Kenya, unaamkia tear gas, lunch ni story na jioni ni vikombe hadi chee, and someone is able to walk to their crib. Sasa hii ingine ni madoido.

plus burgers and steak dinners after every shoot

The only credit Bear Grylls deserves is his wide array of cuisine. Hio ingine is just for show

Heard that sometimes this show is staged… Ati mtu anavuka sahara desert mguu na siku tatu, kwani we ni ibilisi?

ngombe bukusu impure blood

nilijua tu ni wewe. ng’ombe kabisa unataka kua alshabaab

Pia watch dual survival.

He is a former special forces officer. His survival skills are up there

i also enjoy watching his shows