Ultimatum #20170221

[SIZE=6]NASA gives IEBC one week

http://www.the-star.co.ke/sites/default/files/styles/new_full_content/public/articles/2017/02/20/1503119.jpg?itok=m0w3CHUt [/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]IEBC chair Wafula Chebukati with NASA luminaries Raila Odinga, Moses Wetangula, Musalia Mudavadi and Kalonzo Musyoka after their meeting at the Capital Hill on February 8, 2017. /JACK OWUOR[/SIZE]

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wa ikonya2 hours ago
The opposition use the courts to derail iebc and then accuse it. kenya! But only one thing is clear, it will take a miracle for iebc to meet deadlines before 8/8/17.

  1. They went to court to demand cancellation of the main tender. There is actually very limited time left for another tendering process.
    2.They used civil rights activists to seek for voter registration extension against iebc’s timelines.
  2. They have gone to court to stop kpmg from auditing the voters roll.
    There is a reason best known to them for all these.

The best outcome for ‘NASA’ would be aborted elections and negotiated government. They are doing their best to steer the country towards that direction.[/SIZE]


There is no running away from elections and IEBC has several contingency plans. RWNEBP.



Did you see how someone described you as a dunderhead bruh?


Good morning Sir,your opinion is valid.Now lets all clap.meffi!

  The best outcome for 'NASA' would be aborted elections and negotiated government. They are doing their best to steer thecountry towards that direction.

Yeap, NASA isn’t interested in any election, I can confidently say the Courts are helping them to meet their end, which is to create a constitutional deadlock after August 8th.
Hope @spear is right, on the contingency plan. That will require a miracle though.

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Hehehehehe. Wah, si tutaona mambo kabla 08/08/17! Ama kura mlisema ni lini according to opposition ama according to courts that are controlled by the opposition. Or is it IEBC that is controlled by the opposition? Ama ni activists being used by opposition? Which is which?

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Duale said they are also considering the creation of the post of Prime Minister, there might light at the end of the tunnel. Interesting times ahead

niulize, kwani WNBP huwa anadoz ata kama amesimama?


Personal, with all this courts injunctions, I don’t see elections elections being held in August, I will consider it a miracle if we do.

Hiyo hainisumbuwangi. Matusi minor na yale nimepitia makubwa sana.

@0%_Omera mbona unakuwanga hohehohe hivi? Commit and decide to oppose these shananigans, and do not waver. We allowed them to chase the IEBC out and an enormous cost to Wanjiku, sasa they want to destroy the new one.

Am for a better Kenya, and will support the team that will deliver that.

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What has RWNBP and NASA or CORD delivered to date?

I was hoping NASA would pop have popped out a good Candidate for us, lakini wapi. As we stand now, Uhuruto are the better option.

:D:D:D now that umeimention enyewe anakaa amedoze

If you know politics definitely it will dawn on you that the Prime Minister post is meant to woo the Melon. Will he accept? very likely.

The last time people reasoned like that, they goy Trump. Why not depart from a positive point rather than the better of two negatives?? Uhuruto have fulfilled at least 75% of their manifesto…