Ulishindwa kunizalisha. ona sasa

Pigwa risasii mamiiii

It is as if some people out there think cucking a man is a joke.

It is not that simple. Women have forgotten that men did not consider losing time and investment a laughing matter. It is a matter of life and death.

For a prostitute will bring you to poverty, but sleeping with another man’s wife will cost you your life. (Prov 6:26)

If a woman gets paged outside her marriage, she should have the man responsible to immediately refund to her husband the time and finances he has invested in her that far, and never show her face in the matrimonial home ever again. Failure to that, chances are high two or three people will lose their lives.

Does all this warrant death… even to yourself

What it warrants is irrelevant. Try and impregnate someone’s wife see what happens. I think it is akin to spitting into a man’s face. Try that too, enda hapo supermarket and spit into a man’s face saa hii. See what happens.

I don’t understand. A woman deserts her matrimonial home for 5 months and returns pg. How does that surprise you. Unakasirikia nini. If a woman deserts her home for 1 night, the marriage ends there.
She comes back after 3 days you tell her side yake ya kitanda isha chukuliwa.

Why are you scared of death like child, are you not a man? A man’s most deepest fear ever is finding out he has not been raising his children i.e paternal fraud or being cuckolded. Here a ndume can do anything nani.


According to @captain obvious , it sure does

Mimi tukiwa bado young couple kuna siku madam alitoka kurudi kwao eti tumekosana. Ile huddle alipitia kurudi hajawahi jaribu hio upuss tena. Women thrive on shit tests. Ukiruka mkojo unakanyaga mavi. Be wary of any test a woman puts you to regardless of how harmless it seems.

Mzee kumbe ni wewe nilitombea bibi back in '97? Pole zana wanjala

I disagree boss. Mabibi wa watu wanakulwo kukulwo ile hujaiona hapa inje. Quick example, Dj
Cremè de la Cremè yellowyellow wife. Na hakuna kitu mabwana wanafanya. The current generation of men in their 20,30s and early 40s are too soft to do shiet wakitombewo

This verse isnt applicable in this case.
Jamaa amechukua uhai wa bibi yake na uhai wake mwenyewe.
Guy who paged her could be paging another lass as i type…jamaa ako shughuli zake hata matanga hata hudhuria hata risala za rambi rambi sahau.
Whats the point of accumulating all that wealth just to take your own life coz of a flimsy mimba?
Mwanaume mkubwa unatishwa na kitu ndogo ka mimba? MIMBA!? Fuck…that was a get out of jail free card as far as im concerned.

Boss wacha chocha.
Usipime mwanaume mwingine wazimu.

Mimi naongea from experience mabibi za watu tunatomba, in fact hao wenyewe ndio wanatusaka na hakuna kitu their cuckolded clueless husbands wanafanya

You guys are jokers… Someone dissappears for 5 months then returns back very pregnant as if nothing ever happened, ati hapa ni kwangu pia? Ati nimerudi…

I don’t know which is which… The nerve or the stupidity… She deserves everything that comes her way…

So far so good.

Alikuwa amerudi to get 50% ya mali ya bwanake. He knew it and reacted in anger. After realising what he had done, he chose death for himself instead of going to jail for life.

Huyo mwanamke alikuwa anamdharau inaonekana. She disappeared for 5 months and the man did not waste time looking for her, why was she coming back pregnant? She should have stayed wherever she was

You’re treading on a mine infested field mujamaa. Ni vile bado hujakanyaga moja

Mtu arudi kwako akiwa amejaa cum ya mtu mwingine na aanze kukwambia mali yako ni yenu mtagawana. What a level of arrogance in these women. Yani mtu akuje ametoka kutombwa akudai mali??

This story is not consistent.

Why are our journalists not able to differentiate between impotence and infertility?

Then in the same story, they say he had two children with another wife

Kiambu man impotent but never told wife, furious at her pregnancy and pulled his gun (the-star.co.ke)

I chewed someones wife in my youthful days. Bazuu akaniambia hadi vile bibi alipata mimba yangu na kufanya aboshen. I was surprised he knew intricate matters of our affair than i did. Nilisema pole and we moved on. I still look behind my back to date.