Today’s been a relatively unique day. Leo unakunywa nini na wapi. Mi nlianzia kwa nyumba na sasa nko some relatively new club in county 037 and it’s kinda empty, but it’s cool coz the music is alright.

Waiter ameniekea njugu next to my tusker malt and am wondering wtf coz nko na dry spell ya 2weeks. Anyways, since I resigned from team nduthi around June itabidi ntafute paid coomer to ‘ease the tension’. Tho I have a problem with this as well coz I’m too choosy. I think it’s a sign that I should marry, I don’t know.

Kwa watu wa mbisha, ndio hii evidence. County 037 is cold but peaceful.

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Tonight am sober, no wine no threshold. Got a cheki maneno in the morning

Picha zikuom :slight_smile:

Good for you. Btw am looking to get a new MTB coz my current one has too many problems to repair.
I’ve been looking kwa olx and there’s a guy selling new ones for 40k upwards, but I’m not sure. Still exploring options. If you could point me to good bikes at a fair budget, I’ll be very happy.

County 037 ni ipi ? Narok ama Kajiado ?
Mimi niko salon elsewhere in the internets. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CqzuFPBXYAANV8C.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CqzuFPBXYAANV8C.jpgFombe na bangi ni baadaye.
http://http://i.imgur.com/tax1TKO.jpg http://i.imgur.com/tax1TKO.jpg

County 037 = Kakamega, wa.mburu akufanya ukae kama hio picha?


Pleather decor, Shainaman lighting, hoods with caps huddled at a corner-table, and a patient trapper at the bar nursing a glass of cheap sweet white box-wine. Perfect!

i see you polished the njugu and asked for a second round…