Ulevi Sacco

Watu waweke stamp unakunywa nini na uko wapi?

Yo, Ho, Ho and a Bottle of Rum, ye scurvy dogs…


In solidarity with @Alchemist and @Rum we are boycotting ulevi sacco to honor our fallen brother

In the event we decide to take anything frothy , let’s take a triple swig and wish him eternal peace


@Alchameist,on behalf of myself and all the guys at MV , all will be well , the pain will last ,but time will make it bearable, take a swig on behalf of the Fallen hero

@Alchemist and @Rum . I raise my glass of soda and ice to your fallen friend.He is in a better place.


Nanywa hii in solidarity. Made from pure chang’aa

To a more sober 2018.,
@wrongturn safiri salama.

I resisted.

Weeee! Nini hii unajaribu. Ati Enegy drink na njugu. My fren


Ndio nywele haziwezi mea…

:D:D:DMakanika, tread carefully

omwami si utapitisha threshold?

Unataka kumiguna bibi:D:D

In as much as I would like to jump off the sobriety wagon I cannot. Sina stamp.

Meanwhile the boogeyman is spiking njugu with energy drinks… be warned K-Toon content inaiva.

Ng’ombe yeye

Ameenda kwao…na patipati.