Ulevi sacco mko wapi?

Watu wa sacco mko wapi? Navigating this place is a nightmare.
I am still observing Lent.
This energy drink tastes like crap,do not even try it.
I wish you all a great weekend.Take care. Don’t drink and drive.


How can you have a pussy of all things?

I had gone to a wine’s and spirits to be whisky for my friends and i saw it there in a mini fridge and i thought…what the hec.
Thankfully i bought only one…it tastes like piss.

So uve tasted piss

has been a hectic week for me, taking kc coconut kejani…i want to party but the club want to make money (nimesota)


Ofcos lazima aongee from experience

Does this count?

Kuna mtu ameamua leo being a friday halewi, atachokoza nyuki a trolliwe askie vizuri alale.


I agree, I’ve tasted pussy and it tastes like piss.
I still enjoy a good mouthful every time I can get it!.. Kikikikkkk…

hahahahaha! Ng’ombe!
How’s our white gal? please don’t tell me she is already out of the picture. Tutakosana.

She’s acting weird and has ghosted me all week. I don’t have a good feeling about this but we’ll see how it goes…

When someone says "It hurts like hell."Does that mean they have been to hell?:rolleyes:

This is not good…dear gods…I hope she is not pregnant! That can explain the ghosting.

guess you are in for a long pounding weekend you had to replenish and boost

:slight_smile: ahahahah…I wish.
Where have you been hiding?

Its now my command…

So you’ve had a golden shower. Who was the lucky dude

Wariah…heri upost miraa tu roho safi