Ulefone S1 phone

I saw this phone Ulefone S1 pale jumia nad with the specs described and price Am contemplating buying it. Anyone with experience with it

This one

stick to known and tested brands

Nunua you will give the first review then the Brand will become known

Nunua xiaomi

Here is a sample user review… The brand is simply shit!

[SIZE=6]can I give zero stars[/SIZE]
this company only got 1 star because you cant give 0 stars the ulefone armour 1 I received as a gift from my wife developed the frozen screen, reboot, refusing to charge syndrome I have read about in previous posts contacting the company was tortuous to say the least when they finally acknowledged my emails I had to send the phone to Poland at my expense. Their explanation for the failure was an incorrectly fitted sim cover which was complete rubbish the cover was correctly screwed down and the phone which is supposed to be military grade water and dust protected had only ever been slightly damp whilst in the pocket of a coat after they delivered their conclusions and asked for $10 for returning the phone un-repaired the communication has stopped and they dont acknowledge my emails. THE WORST side of chinese manufacturing I would recommend keeping them at barge poles length and buy a refurbished Samsung Ericson etc (also made in china) the other end of the spectrum

Updated Nov 27, 2018

[SIZE=6]Useless Ulefone Power 3S[/SIZE]
I bought an Ulefone Power 3S last May, one month later the phone started to turn off and reboot without any reason, or getting the screen frozen, or just going black, not responding to any button or screen touch. I resend the phone back to China (at my charge) and 3 weeks later I received back the phone. From the very first beginning it started again to show an erratic functioning, with ramdom failures, self rebooting, pop ups Windows saying that this or that App didn’t response and had to close it up…apps that were not operating at that time,and many other minor problems that makes the phone useless and unusable, because the lack of reliability.
I have been following all instructions given by the seller “Ulefone Official Store” at Aliexpress, spending hours and hours sending them videos of all steps done, photos, and whatever they have requested from me, I have been absolutelly cooperative, doing even high technical steps such as hard factory resets, even new firmware, and none of these propopsed solutions have worked … Now I am tired of wasting my time, I have requested from them to give me another unit or to refund me the money unsuccesfully. They have been 6 months of suffering to have no solution of a problem of this telephone. It was a gift for my wife’s birthday in May, and I have finally bought to her a Huawei Mate 10 this last Black Friday, because she came to hate anything regarding Ulefone, because all the times the phone failed to her and left her uncommunicated.
I don’t reccomend at all the Brand or the Seller, and I have kept record of all the problems in videos in YouTube and photos, and all the mailing with the seller if anyone is interested in them.

hizi simu with funny names are a no,ikiharibika there will be no support,fundi watakua wanafanya trial and error to try and repair it

Niulize mimi nilijaribu upuss flani ilikua inajiita Xtigi. Kitu ata haishiki 3G network. Niliipasua one day in a fit of rage

Kuna simu flani msee alinunua hapo jumia zinaitwa ferro 4G Lte 4000mah 16gb 1gb ram for cheap within a month all were dead

Wewe hata ukipewa mawaidha unanunua vitu zako

cheza kidogo, izo ni wakati tulikua teenagers tukifikiria we know the best