ule manager wa Nakumatt ambae alimangwa(Shot dead)

story of my worklife, if the boss doesnt back it, just leave it

I dont know what this guy did, but dont try to be god. Deal na watu at their level na vyenye wako. Ata yesu alikuwa.

Alafu ati subaru??? Ni macho iko na shida ama?

sasa mwanamme, tena mBukusu aliyepakwa matope asubuhi, analilia mrembo asaidiwe aje?

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Elimisha wanakijiji tafasali

Every man for himself God for us all, that’s why kama nikugonga kampuni I do it alone or involve an outsider lakini with my co workers hapana, trust me one day hiyo saga itakuja kulipuka n you know the outcome drill.

All these supermarkets zinakamuliwa viserious na their staff. Its an open secret. I’m always offered by the butcher guys boneless meat(steak) whereby they put the meat on bone code. If i was to save sh100, they ask for ksh50. I normally refuse:rolleyes:
But there was this irresistible offer that I accepted, for a furniture that was going for 150k in a supermarket. The guy manning that section approached me and told me that for 5k, he would hook me up with the furniture supplier who would sell me the same item for 115K! Yes i ended up saving 30k.:wink:
Most supermarket staff are underpaid and over worked, hence their creative ways of making money. Rip to the auditor though.:frowning:

unafanyia muhindi kazi kwa bidii getting africans fired…mwishowe ata matanga yako hatakuja…at timesits just good to look the other way but still do your job

hehehe noma sana but i dont blame them, the working hours are horrendous! umetoka job at 5 unapitia supermarket umechoka but then ukiangalia those attendants they still have 4.5 hours to work and most likely they checked in at 6.30am = 15 hours. and they get paid 20 to 25K for that six days a week. I would cut such a deal in a heartbeat

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Uchumi attendants work in shifts (morning and afternoon) and get at least one day off per week.

never knew that hope its replicated across the sector

I have seen some of them so tired that they are red eyed. The supermarkets offering low prices to consumers really overwork theirs for peanuts

Tiga goma

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There’s also this other one located in a building painted green somewhere opposite City Stadium. Back in the day, they used to give their attendants a one week off per month. Not sure if that’s the situation as of now but i found that quite generous.

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Not with Tuskys

Virtually all supermarkets (apart from ile ya hapo nje) will compensate for extra hours with a day off. The problem the attendants face is having to remain standing the whole day, and sometimes into overtime.

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ati alimangwa!!!.. wee sema aliangushwa…

The top management are stealing big time with this sort of pricing


Supermarket staff once stole a jar of coffee worth 450 from me. niliskia vibaya aje kubebwa ujinga? Ilipotelea pale kwa packing. I later realized I dont have the jar despite checking that nothing had been left on the counter.

hiyo ni tabia wamezoea…

Ah kumbe kuna wengine wako na the same experience.