ule chokosh

intern sasa pale supreme court.only in kenya[ATTACH=full]32600[/ATTACH]

“Public Relations”, the name they invented for an ancient atrocity known as “Pretence”. (Alchemist, 2016)



let the kid be for Christ sake…

Wengine wako na ma masters na ma degree na ata application zao destination ni secretary’s bin.this our kenya CC.bonoko-radio ghetto


having a masters does not necessarily mean you know why you are a doing what you purport to have mastered in, most of this guys just know the how and not the why, when a situation comes up and they have to think outside the box they turn in to primary school dropouts

lets all go to the streets and wait for media to catch up with us so that we go get positions? Schools to be abolished lets all be urchins


The boy asked for OPPORTUNITY… He gets opportunity. Why you whine and jealous.??? Humans.!! Wivu utawauwa


the boy has a bright future a head

But my question is …si naskia alidroup out form one??? Mbona asipelekwe shule…Ama inturnship ataifanya aje? If working and not reading then hell never be a lawyer as per his dreams.

he dropped because of family issues . but in short given an opportunity he has a bright future

Am pissed of with this culture of handouts and begging…what is his qualifications?

This is a similar case to the Guy who was given a job na Prezzo pale Kisumu. What of the tens of thousands of Jobless youths?

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Wewe ndo unafaa urudi shule



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