UKWELI USEMWE : Red pill/MGTOW is wrong about the male prime

Because red pill is all about intersexual dynamics. There are also business alphas, but that’s a completely different discussion altogether

Now that ka vodo kananishika , let me say , half the world has pussy, at any age you are you will fuck thats given ingine free una angukia fala tu anajitupa unakula na una songa mbele, when you have change you buy some premium pussy atleast to massage your ego, you pay like 50 k , you dont talk sana but the feeling is always wow . pussy should never be the bar, nononono, kitu ingine wadau lakini sio hio .

What about if you have the money, spending money isn’t an issue for you. That automatically makes you a beta ama? I think this argument is for broke asses. It doesn’t apply for men with money.

I don’t know anyone who isn’t pursuing their goals and objectives in life. Some of these trite mantras you have in these cults to brainwash you . Is there a man whose goal and objective in life is purely women? I mean you have to make a living, have a career, have hobbies, stay fit for the sake of your wellbeing not so that you can attract women, for your own health so I don’t understand why you keep singing goals and objectives like only people in your cult have goals and objectives. The entire world people both male and female, married and single, young and old have goals and objectives. So don’t make it sound like goals and objectives is the reserve of men in MGTOW and for example married men have no goals and objectives. Me these cults I swear. Sigh. Keep singing for us, I am pursuing my goals and objectives, here. Who isn’t Dumbo? If before you joined MGTOW cult you weren’t pursuing your goals and objectives that’s bcz of your lack of focus and direction please don’t blame it on women.

These ladies didn’t get that memo

Are there gay alpha males? Here’s an interesting angle. Yall alfa mails need to do moratorium and agree on some things coz there’s alot of guess work in this movement. In spite of how hard your founders tried to streamline it. According to this guy being alpha has nothing to do with sex. It’s about being a decent human being, whatever that means, and leaving the world a better place than you found it - I doubt the nexus of your cult THE ALMIGHTY PUMP AND DUMP will leave the world a better place than how you found it.

Alpha men got money, but they don’t use the money to woo women. That was my point

Yes, sponyos are beta as f*ck. Women have to get drunk and switch off the lights to be able to bear having sex with them. Sisi watu wa 8 pack we get very enthusiastic sex