UKWELI USEMWE : Red pill/MGTOW is wrong about the male prime

Red pill/MGTOW says that a man’s prime is in the thirties, but that supposed prime has very many caveats that it becomes impractical for most men. For a man to hit prime in thirties, he’s hoping that he doesn’t bald, doesn’t become fat, becomes a six figure ni**a, staves off utambi and other health related issues, baby mama etc etc.

This is a cool fantasy, but most men live on autopilot and hence utambi, balding and baby mama drama will catch up with them in 30s.

This means that in the real world, most men’s prime is in mid twenties. At least at that point most men still have their hair, are still lean and muscular, no baby mamas, have some qualification and have started earning something small that can fund cheap thrills that young women like

In my opinion, men have two primes. Physical prime, and financial prime. Unlike women whose only selling point is looks, men have two selling points, looks and money. A man reaches his physical prime in his twenties. A typical 22 year old nigga in campus has at least two girlfriends unless he is slow, despite being broke as a church mouse. A man reaches his financial prime in his late forties. At that age, a man can smash and marry a 20 year old but his money will do most of the talking. The advantage men have is that they can use money to compensate for deteriorated physical looks. Women can’t.


I differ on the money thing. The affection you get from a woman who loves you physically compared to when a woman loves you for money is night and day. In fact, money love is so whack that I just don’t count it

This argument again… A man realizes his prime when he is able to achieve is biological imperative of fcuking multiple women with little investment. If that happens in your 20s, that was your prime. Others have to wait until their 30s and 40s… As with everything in life, some people peak early while others are late bloomers… Majority of men do not peak early and have to wait to peak later in their 30s and 40s… That’s according to the Bell Curve.

Remember, a man’s peak is determined by his ease of access to pussy and that’s mostly determined by his worth aka money. If you can achieve it through physique good for you… But sustained access to easy pussy is determined by your value to women which is mostly money. Love is just how men rationalize our obsession with pussy and a pretty face. Men are destined to fcuk everything with a poon.

I see you’re a proud beta buxx


If you can fuck these women without using money, then you are the alpha, end of discussion.

Does it matter? Women come and go, the important thing is that I continue pursuing my goals and objectives in life. If that is beta according to you, haidhuru

Yes, and that means that either you’re a physical specimen or you’re super popular in a certain domain. Practically speaking, most men’s physical prime is in mid to late twenties

A man’s prime is his mid 30s kama ako na akili.

Mkuu is that one of the criteria ama it is the only criteria that determines an alpha male?

A man is as old as he Feels , while a lady is as Old as She looks. wahenga walisema

It is the main aspect amongst the many aspects of Alpha

A man without money, however little it may be, is no different from a dog.

Most hawana. Ukweli tu usemwe

Yes, but that does not make that statement any less true

That is the main criteria. If you ferk a lot without enticing women with material things, wewe ndio alpha male. If you have to dangle material carrots to snag pussy, wewe ni beta male

Mike Ochi acha kusumbua.

Y does it always have to b about fucking women? I mean the alpha thing