Ukweli usemwe Kush Yule Mnono & MFW comparisons with Igathe/Sonko

Kush Yule Mnono.

Who is this talker? A cool ninja with a great sense of humor by the way research shows a sense of humor is s sign of intelligence. He dishes out sweeps and takes sweeps in equal measure. A great addition to any forum the world over.


Who is she? A low IQed Muchatha-born mungikiress who believes any sweep directed at her is because she is in London. Why so, you may ask? Low self-esteem and no achievement to your name other than getting a chance to fly out is a bitch. Flying back home is not an option what with meager resources and hardship back home?


A cool introverted young man in Kush found himself in a cesspool when he caught the attention of a low-IQed broad with no sense of humor to write home about. Any of his comments or banter with fellow villagers with whom he has been since Klist was immediately drowned by endless paragraphs of blabber and incoherent rants of MFW talking about shit that honestly nobody was interested in an Kush would rather not talk about, well at least at that moment. Like chatting with your high school friends then your wife shows up wanting to discuss how you two selected your wedding planner. Cringeworthy


What does such a young intelligent and gifted talker do to escape such torture? Make a new handle or just disappear from cyber space coz he can’t take it anymore.


Who is Sonko and Who is Igathe in this case? Your guess is as good as mine.


By the way where the hell is @kush yule mnono ?

taking one for the team i see,you are a true commrade

abdul alikamua hio nguruwe mpaka ika faint

@kush yule mnono ni msito.


You beat me it


I do not understand what is this obsession with a single talker. The ignore button exists for a reason, if you feel someone is making your experience bothersome go ahead and block them, otherwise stfu! Hii thread yako ni meffi