Ukweli tu usemwe

It’s kind of boring without mujamaa ya Seattle patrolling these streets

I stand with @WIGSPLITTA

Watu wa Seattle don’t behave like that fool.I know seattlelites very well. Mmoja wao ni @Kahuni Maisha

@Patcoh = @WIGSPLITTA = @Akon City= =@buttco = @Bottoms = cheap bottom faggot. Apotelee mbali. What you have is stockholms syndrome.

Seattle and toronto are the geh capitals of the world,kelele zao hazieleweki

Na pale Montreal.

Bring back Patco

Patco had 2 main problems. The obsessive g.ay shit and constantly derailing other people’s threads with his US politics. His trolling was funny at times though, and I say that as one of his worst victims. But he should stay in Siberia for some time to teach him humility. The way he was going the kijiji would have been ungovernable.

Don’t ever… ever… ever mention my name again. I hope I’m clear. I’m not those characters you mentioned. I’m my own man and a far left liberal. Buttco is a right wing… get the difference fool

[SIZE=5]@Obiero Oluoch Miguna, feelings peleka Homa Bay.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]The demonstrations are loud & clear despots @Despot 001 @administrator @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD @Purple [/SIZE]


Nonsensical thread. Hizo hashtag pelekeni twitter, maybe ma admin na ma mod wa huko wataskia.