Ukweli hapa.



Let the fools be parted from their money.

Heavy said on Fridays most of withdrawals from banks are done by men. And on Mondays ladies do alot of deposits. If you know you know.

Lazima pesa icirculate kwa economy.

Wacha Ni rwabe SJ shot

That is why they over sexualize everything. Every single product advertised features a female.

Pizza bandits:D:D

You are wrong bro. And from your analysis, you have not been around the block for long so you are relying on hearsay. The law of universe can’t allow such Haram. Show me one single soul that has made it using such means and I will show you multidute that are in their 80’s and still stuck in the above loop.

Pesa ni makaratasi na haina mwenyewe. Tumia pesa ikuzoeee, wangapi wamezaa watoto wakasomesha only for them to die before adulthood?