UK's Sycophants, Psyops & Other Political Redpills

This is more of a rant. If you are a UhuRuto psycophant and/or voted for any of them, just stop reading.

Uhuru’s Report Card
I have seen a lot of people claim that ‘at least during dynasty’ maisha was a tad-bit better. Let’s break it down shall we:

  1. As president he admitted on TV that 2bn was being stolen daily from the government.

  2. He got in when Kenya’s debt level was just Ksh 2 trillion and left it at Ksh 9 trillion.

  3. Kenya’s corruption index score rose by 5 points between 2013 and 2022.

  4. Unemployment rate rose from 2.83% in 2013 to 5.50% in 2021.

  5. Government ministries/agencies/projects where billions were stolen in corruption scandals: NYS, KEMSA, SGR, ODP, Ministry of Lands, NCPB, KPLC, Laptops/Tablets scandal , …add more.

  6. County governors made a debut with looting of allocated funds and as the president he did nothing. Used funds to lobby for the AU’s support for the ICC cases to be dropped. This showed that in Africa, you can get away with anything as long as you have power. Kenya was at this point no different from countries like: B. Faso, Congo, Uganda, Sudan, Gabon, etc. Uhuru’s legacy is tainted.

  7. Polarized the country more than it was before. It was under Uhuru’s tenure that politicians could publicly insult other communities with consequences. He made the NCIC a joke.

  8. Education reforms switched from their original intentions to a financial opportunity for scumbag businessmen and publishers.

Point & Conclusion
I realized Kenya was fucked when Uhuru got voted in twice in 2017 despite what he and WSR did between 2013 and 2017. I realized that there are people in this country who would rejoice in seeing other communities suffer even if that would affect us all as a nation. Remember when Raila called for demos due to the massive corruption in government? A fucking 'Nairobi Business Community’ came up to defend their alcoholic tribal kingpin, giving him the stupid moniker - Kamwana. That showed how self-centered Kikuyus are as a people. I get it, politics is about getting yours, but when you can’t see beyond your tribe how someone is doing things that will eventually hurt you? Then you are not a survivalist but rather stupid.

I can understand Kaleos and Saperes voting the duo in 2013, it was about saving their own. That makes sense, but in 2017 they should have been logical and voted them out as their ICC cases had been cleared having shown that they cared less about the country. I at one point in 2015 questioned if UK and WSR even considered themselves Kenyans(?). The Eurobond fiasco was just deliberate and intentional in fucking up the country. All those Euros were pilfered and stashed abroad and now we pay for them through taxes and a depreciating shilling. Kenya’s imports alone wouldn’t cause a dollar shortage but debt payments in dollars and euros would.

When I see some seated on their ass go ahead and type that they miss Uhuru, I sincerely say to you and your family, “FUCK YOU!”. Uhuru was the worst thing to happen to Kenya. Choices have consequences and now you should sit tight and face them you stupid matriarchal-female-surnamed-crooked-toothed-long-distance-running son of a b***

I took the Kenyan political red-pill, you are on your own and you better get money. If the youth care about this country they would realize that demos won’t do shit, debts will have to be paid eventually, the country is wrongly classified as a lower-mid-income economy and that the best thing to do now is to either find a way to get paid or burn it all.

Why the fuck suffer when someone else is busy fucking 8 side-chicks at the age of 60 with the help of bluepills while you have no future and haven’t hit 30 yet? Tuangamie sisi wote juu hakuna maziwa yetu sote.

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