Ukrainians in UK Uncomfortable with the Diversity

Imagine being hosted in another country as an asylum seeker/ refugee, but then feeling uncomfortable because your host country is accommodative of others regardless of their race or religion/ culture.

Ati area from terrorists yet their country is a battlefield. Anyway, iko siku lazima nitatomba blue eye

Wareport ju ya wale Ukrainian hoes walikataa kuuzia nyeusi.

Ukrainian immigrants are the most racist trolls on the streets now…they speak no English and call you nigga thinking hatujui Russian…it’s sad that they are the most entitled immigrants three weeks old I ever met…the old farts were talking trash to my in laws wiki mbili yues pale kwa wazee…

Kuna vile walikuta wasee pale border wakihangaika wakapita thru pass…hence self entitlement…wanaingianga na work permit na green card…:D…straight to housing benefits…what niggas can only dream off let alone Haitians an Cubans pale border

What a pity. Little wonder they are called khokhols!

All the best man!

This is what Putin is telling you all the time. Nazism is alive and well in Ukraine. Even the West was saying it before they hanged up against Russia…

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Lakini hii kiburi Yao russian meat grinder ina malisa.

This is the reason black people worldwide, especially in Africa (Sub-Saharan) need to make it better for themselves and future generations.

Uliona vile the Haitians were treated a few months ago trying to cross the border compared to hao Hispanics wengine (who happen to be a lighter skin tone)?

About this war in Ukraine I couldn’t give two flying f***s.

Njaruo ni aje?

ii bhangi gani sasa

Very true. But is Russia any better?

Tru, mwafrika aijenge Afrika aachane na ulaya.

Who care what they think, mm nataka kukula DFHKMBL uyo blue eyes I hear they have tight perineums .

You are a refugee and at the same time you are racist?
FYI: Muslim aint a race but a religion. Mbona watu huconfuse hii kitu. You can be black and muslim, Asian and Muslim, Arabic and Muslim You can even be white and Muslim.

Putin means it ‘denazification’ aliwaonea 18

The European racist Political parties in Europe are really positive and sympathetic to the ukrainian refugees. They can now openly show their hatred to nyeuthis and sand niggaz.
Their mantra is that neighbouring countries should offer refuge. Mambo ya mtu kutoka somali akimbilie Sweden hawataki.

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